Potty train son - stand up peeing

How does a dad teach his son to pee standing? My son is almost 4 years old and will pee sitting down as he was first potty trained by his mother. What is the best way for me to teach him to pee standing up?

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A 4 year old should be able to understand if you explain to him that men pee while standing. Let him watch you and explain to him that this is how it is done. He’ll catch on fairly quickly.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Less mess if he sits down. He will do it by himself eventually.

Step 1: Take him into a (nice, clean, preferably empty) public restroom and show him a urinal, and how to use one. Usually they have one situated lower-down for children and other little people.

Step 2: Show him how you do it at home (surprised this hasn’t happened already).

I’d consider waiting until he’s old enough to reliably aim, unless you’re willing to take on the responsibility of cleaning all the bathrooms he uses for the next couple of years. Learning to pee while standing shouldn’t be difficult for a six-year-old to learn.

Take him outside and have a pop/son moment peeing on a tree or a fence. Have a bonfire, and piss in the fire.

Throw some cheerios in the bowl and practice aiming. See if you can sink the little buggers. For a four year old boy, this is high entertainment.


And be sure to learn the “Sink the Cheerio” song!

Second this approach. We had the boys pee on the tires of the truck as we were in the country. Aim didn’t have to be that accurate and they thought it was awesomely funny as well.

Let him watch you peeing. In all likelyhood, he’ll want to try it himself.

That would be my thought, too. Hell, I piss sitting down half the time, anyway.

This has been debated here in the past. As one would expect, there is considerable variation, from “never” to “always” and everything in between. Actually, I think the results were actually unexpected. Perhaps everyone thinks they’re normal and everyone else does what they do. I know I was quite surprised by the number of male pee-while-sitting responses.

Do you have carpet on your bathroom floors? No rush.

You guys! I spent a very long summer teaching sonny-boy to correctly use the toilet. Then took him to a park where the big boys were having a bonding moment with each other and the trees and I lost a whole summer’s worth of training. :stuck_out_tongue:

MIL said she told his dad to take him into the potty and show him. That took care of it.

Dr. Frood would frown. He may forever feel inferior about his comparison with Daddy. :smiley:

And confused the neighbor’s dawgs every time you went visiting?

Have you seen a 4 year old pee lately? At that age the fun will be in peeing over the tree… in peeing over the fence.

I just came in to see how long it took for Cheerios to be mentioned.
6th Reply. I’m disappointed in this place. Cheerios should have been reply #1.