Prairie Cana-Dopers - How are you doing with the Blizzard?

Most of the three prairie provinces are in the second day of a three-day blizzard.

I’m glad it came on a weekend, so I’ve not had to be anywhere on time. No trouble with the car starting, since it’s not very cold, but the residential roads here don’t get ploughed very quickly. Lots of loose snow, and I drive a little Acura with low clearance and not much grip, so a lot of snow-surfing, where you need to have a light hand on the wheel while gunning it through the ruts.

Also, I’m very tired of shovelling - I’ve swept my steps about six times in the past two days, and I’ve shovelled my drive-way three times in two days. Although I had a nice surprise this morning: came out this morning and some nice neighbour had actually shovelled my driveway up to my car! (Blessings be on your house!) However, it had already started filling in, so I still had shovelling to do.

It’s coming down at quite a rate - I took the garbage out this evening, stopped to give a neighbour a push, came back about ten minutes after I’d gone out, and my footprints were half-obliterated already. Piper Dad had been by for supper, and his tracks were already gone completely.

So, how’s it going, my snow-bound prairie compatriots?

It’s not bad in Calgary - only a few inches of really light fluffy snow. Even though it’s only -9, it feels so much colder. I’ve been freezing all weekend, even inside!
Or maybe I’m just turning into a wimp.:slight_smile:

Yeah, not much to get too worried about here (knock wood). Is it just me, or is the point when you’re just friggin’ sick of winter coming earlier every year?

Through a bit of happenstance, I managed not to have to go out at all over the weekend, aside from the bit where I helped a neighbour unstuck his car. Now it’s off to work, assuming I can get out of the parking lot.

I want some snow :frowning: Here in Atlantic Canada it’s been a boring winter so far. I can still see grass in some places on my lawn and I’ve only had to use my slow blower once this year, and I think that was in November(?)

This time last year we had over 100 cm of snow.

I spent two hours on Saturday and two hours yesterday shoveling snow. (S’toon). I swear to god, if I see so much as one snow flake outside today, I am going to use a flame thrower on the drive way. Use a flame thrower on all the drive ways. I’ll cleanse the world of snow with healing flame!

Saturday was fine, the snow was wet, but it wasn’t too cold, so it wasn’t slippery.

Today, on the other hand, is brutal. Driving anywhere that it’s open space is deadly, you literally can’t see the road…

We are all sort of hoping to get stood down…

I had to be helped out several times on Sunday - I needed a refill on a prescription so I had to go out. This morning I’m giving it a shot, but if I can’t make it far I’m calling my boss to ask him to either pick me up (I’m on the way) or calling it a snow day. One of my friends has already called in a snow day to work. I could work remotely, if my boss didn’t mind work on a personal computer.

I made it in, but neither Arlington or Taylor were cleared, nor is 51st. The Circle is, of course, and Faithfull (though why Faithfull would take precedence over 51st is beyond me.) Concorde Property Management must have a parking lot clearing contract of the gods, because the parking lot in the complex at work is clear, aside from the mountainous piles of snow in the middle.

Not going to try to take the work van anywhere, though. City is a mess. Hurrah for little front wheel drive hatchbacks with snow tires!

Similar to Posyn (we must both be Peggers). I even shovelled yesterday hearing rumours about a blizzard all weekend and, seeing nothing but nice weather all during rumour season, shrugged it off and shovelled. :smack:

That being said, I’ve lived in Winnipeg 30 years now (it was 30 years ago this week my family moved to Winnipeg) and this is definitely something any true Pegger can handle. I’ve seen much, much worse (some even so bad it’s beyond a Winnipegger’s capability to handle), this is really nothing for us.

At least we’re not calling in the army to shovel our snow for us. :smiley:

I see you’re in about the same place as I am with your winter tolerance. :smiley:

It’s flurrying today again - just enough to piss me off. Well, it’s making the roads greasy, too, but mostly it’s pissing me off.

Took one look at my car, knew I wasn’t going anywhere. Snow surrounding my car up to the wheel wells (damn low clearance car!). Called my boss, since I’m on the way for him. Hope I can find some sort of way home tonight. Need to shovel out the car tonight.

Arcola, Broad and Vic are pretty good. Most of the problems are people unable to get out of their parking spots, not with the roads themselves.

PS - Burger King coffee sucks.

Count yourself lucky. In TBay, it rained all Sunday, then cooled down and snowed overnight, and continues to snow. That’s left quite a mess, thanks to the rain.

walked to work tomorrow because my driveway was blocked. got home tonight and shovelled it in two shifts; about an hour of shovelling all told today, so that’s the fourth time in three days I’ve shovelled myself out.

at least it’s stopped now, and the snow on our spruce tree looks very nice, especially with the Christmas lights still on.

I was in Toronto all last week and the weekend. The good news was, it wasn’t cold. The bad news was that it started raining heavily Sunday and carried through to Monday.

Back home now and after the reported cold, I hope the car starts.

My day just freed up – my client hurt his back shovelling snow. Time for a snap decision – work on other files or slap on some powder fats.

That decision took all of five seconds to make – off to the hill I go. I’ll never get rich this way.

Bad lawyer! Bad!

(Good human being! Good! :smiley: )

Did I miss the news about the invention of time travel?

It’s really all Regina has going for it.

frozen crud
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Sometimes it really is worth it. Time for a nice hot bath.