Praise for SkipMagic

Under the “other discussion regarding administration of the SDMB” description of the Pit.

In a thread started by **Dung Beetle ** on behalf of Sampiro whose Mom just passed away. **SkipMagic ** locked the thread, as it was a technical violation of the SDMB rules.
Why I am praising him is the locking post was done with an admirable touch and kindness.

It just really struck me as a perfect job of moderating the board, I know the mods, and administrators mostly get grief and not praise. Therefore, for a particularly classy touch, I just wanted to say job well done.


I agree. I was thinking about that as I read the thread, and I guess I just assumed **Dung Beatle **had gotten special permission. I’m sorry she hadn’t, but I also think **SkipMagic **did a difficult job with grace.

Why put this in the Pit though? Am I missing something here??


Because of this:

I agree, SkipMagic handled that very well.

Best thoughts to Sampiro, too.

My condolences, Sampiro. Hang in there.

I reread my Op, I forgot to add,

In case you read this, my condolences **Sampiro ** for your loss.

xtisme: the Pit is rarely used for anything but pitting, but I do believe this is the correct place for my thread and not ATMB or IMHO.


No worries…I was just curious. Seemed rather a gentle OP for the pit…and I thought that was what the about this board forum was for.


Yes, I suspected posting the thread wasn’t quite kosher. I had no problem with Skip’s decision.