Skipmagic: the coward

Closed your own thread, your just scared you’d end up in threadspotting like our dear beloved Gyraffe. That’s just so twee.

Well, he did close it after I made a Python reference, and you know how those things can get out of hand. Maybe it was for the best.

It was closed because of that whole “no joke threads in the Pit” thing.

narrows eyes

It wasn’t in the pit. Ever.

That’s true. But that’s where it would have belonged, being a thread commenting on moderator action. But, because it was a joke thread, it wasn’t eligible to be in the Pit.


It didn’t belong anywhere, so it had to be closed.

It was commenting on a moderator action, but I wouldn’t say it was a flame. I think it could have kept going where it was, but then again, I’m not a mod, so it’s all just idle speculation now.

A flame? Hell, no. I just wanted to show everyone how funny that was. I couldn’t do it in that thread because it was closed.

This one is in the pit and it’s not a flame, either.

My head hurts.

Oh, I didn’t take it as anything toasting my toes. I thought it was pretty amusing, too; I just knew that it was one of those purgatory threads: neither for here nor there.

In other words just like the Giraffe thread, and we hadn’t even started singing at you yet…

Skip, the magic [del]dragon[/del] modron, lived for being twee
And frolicked in the MPSIMS midst, in a land called SDMB
Little Beardless Bippy loved that rascal mod
And brought him pie and sealing wax and other stuff, quite odd

It’s not illegal if a moderator does it. :wink: