Pray for Mojo - SDMB Poketroplis 2nd Quarter, 2006

It is the start of a brand new quarter, meaning we are all equal, making it a virtual Pokertopia. But that will all change as we gear up to go all-in, be rude and grim, and play to win. You can check out last quarter’s results here where the Duke of Rat managed to eke out the narrowest of victories over kyy….

Do you want to play? All are welcome, we play at 7 pm Pacific time on Thursday nights. Just sign up at Pokertropolis and get with WSOP bound Aholibah to get you past the velvet rope. The buy in is a dime, plus a fifty cent rake for the house. Big time, obviously. Be sure to get your account funded prior to showing up. A credit card probably won’t work.

What will happen this quarter? Will Asterion finally meet the girl of his dreams? Will Aholibah big time the rest of us and not chat? Will Yeticus Rex return to the form that made him a terror at the table? Will Max the Vool play? Will elucidator return? Can kyy……well you know?

Let the games…

I think we all know the answer to this.

Anyway, P’tropolis has some updates to download, so be careful about coming in under the wire tonight. The gameplay looks the same to my eyes, but the menus have changed a little.

“… Can anyone de-throne the Mighty Duke?” :slight_smile: (A better question might be, “WTF is HE doing in 1st??”)

Man, last time PT had updates the game locked up at the break. I hope they have their shit wired a little tighter this time.
I hope Aholibah will still play with us. But you know, she took a couple of beats early on last Q and went to playing money tornaments. That’s why she got where she is now, I guess.

Astonishingly, I sent her out early a couple of times. I think I need to play anti-Oslo to improve my game.

But you know I still love you guys!! Right?

Yep, I got a little fed up with my own self at the beginning of last quarter – I wasn’t focusing well in our weekly events, wasn’t playing well, and wasn’t catching well. And I needed a (and am still appreciating the ongoing) break from the drudgery of Allen-nagging and newbie-initiating and chat-inviting. All that administrative stuff, in other words.

I’ll keep being an every week chat visitor and game spectator at the very least, and I do plan to be a more regular player this quarter than I was last quarter, but I’m gonna keep getting into PS tournaments earlier in the evening, so my making it to the PT game every week is gonna keep depending on how I’m doing on Stars as game time approaches.

Now I’m off to download the updates and check out the new menus. I’ll at least see you guys in chat tonight!

Funny little story…

I decided to sign up with Poker Stars last night. So I get signed up and decide to acclimate myself with the software and such by playing a simple little $3 SnG. So the game starts up and I am dealt four cards! WHOPPS! I signed up for Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo. I have never ever played Omaha, but I know the rules (must use two and only two cards from your down cards). I was unsure of therules for Hi/Lo. It wasn’t until about halfway through the game that I realized that only a limited number of hands counted for Lo. Anyway, long story short, I cruised to victory. And when I say I cruised I mean I cah-roooooozed.

I’m certainly glad to get a fresh start. I had serious mojo problems early last quarter that doomed me from the start…so much so that I actually missed being called an MF’r on a regular basis.

Picked up $94.50 (1st/54) on a $5 limit game last Monday. If someone needs funding ($20 min/max), let me know and we will work out the details. Your Doper reputation (if you have one) will be at stake here, so don’t get all “funny” on me.

See you guys tonight.

Oh, and don’t forget, we use AIM for our rude and grim commentary which can’t be missed.

Congrats on your successful initiation into Omaha Hi/Lo. I play that when I feel like a break from Holdem. What’s your handle on Stars? I’ll look you up when I’m on. (I’m Aholibah there, too – a foolish consistency…)

SYNW :smiley:

I’m out for the night. Time for drunken debauchery (or just karaoke) in bustling Grove City PA.

Will Allen finally start getting games up without us having to threaten grevious bodily harm, or worse, moving to another site?

OMD sorry you can’t make it. It was nice to meet you the other day. Don’t drink too much at Elephant and Castle!

Just got done kicking Allen’s butt. He assures me that our tourney will be up soon.

It’s up. All aboard.

Huh? :confused:

I probably won’t be able to play for another month or two, but I want to make sure I know what time to go look for everyone! :smiley:

Sorry, didn’t mean to be confusing. Game starts at 7 pacific (9 for us in Central), but I was posting that the game was listed on Pokertropolis’ site. As soon as it’s there, you can sign up. Game time is still 7pm Pacific.

Ooooooooooohh. :smack:


Tonight’s Result’s (4/6/06):

  1. CapnPitt!!!
  2. MissT
  3. Asterion
  4. Nesta
  5. Yeti
  6. Kyy
  7. GO
  8. Oslo
  9. Duck
  10. Nanook
  11. Aholibah
  12. Lighting Tool
  13. Dag Otto

Just wanted to pop in and offer congratulations to Capn. He was at or right near the top most of the time last night. Missy gave him a run for the money, but he was on fire. And Asterion has a good start to the Q. Don’t spend that $.26 all in one place, kid.


Glad to finally get another win. I attribute it all to Nanook getting knocked out early…I swear he’s my kryptonite. :stuck_out_tongue:

Missy played a heck of a game…if I remember right, she pushed HARD with AA the one time and took a boatload of money from the table.