Pre-date masturbation to clear one's head. Applies to women as well?

I’ve actually heard this suggestion from a few guys, so I’m interested to see whether any of the men here have done it & whether any women have done it as well.

Basically, the idea is that a guy should masturbate/orgasm right before he goes on a date so that his mind won’t be fixated on sexual stuff during the actual event. Has anybody here ever done this and, if so, did it have the intended effect?

Does this apply to women as well? If any ladies have heard about or otherwise done this, how did it go?

Doesn’t apply to me. Not everybody loses those horny feelings after orgasm. For some of us, it just gets amplified. The times I’ve had multiple orgasms alone, each one made the next one easier to get, and just made the thoughts MORE focused on sexy feelings.

If I were getting ready to go on a date with a man I found particularly sexually attractive, rubbing one out would just make it more difficult to control myself. Might even cum from getting the back of my neck touched the right way!

just one only makes me want more.

i wold have to drain the tank.

I thought that was just a really stupid joke from There’s Something About Mary.

Tacos, I’d be interested to know what these guys who you say you’ve heard this suggestion from say they’ve done on dates where they haven’t masturbated beforehand (i.e. why they thought this was necessary or helpful), because I’m skeptical that anyone has a need for this.

One good movie reference deserves another. In Return To Me, Bonnie Hunt cautions Minnie Drive to refrain from shaving her legs before a first date, to help her avoid giving in to the temptation to have sex.

Highly recommended. If it’s going to be the first time having sex with her you definitely want to have that first nut out of the way so you can last a good while.

No cites, but I recall a study from several years ago showing that young men do get performance anxiety and nervousness around attractive women like the stereotypes say, but women don’t suffer the same effect around attractive men. Since jerking it is supposed to attack this sort of reaction and make you more calm and more like yourself I doubt it’d be applicable to most women.

Never applied to me, but sex was never the primary reason I went on a date – it was a potential fringe benefit, but one that I rarely expected.

I’d be surprised if anyone actually has to do this. I find it hard to believe that a person wouldn’t be able to keep his or her mind functioning normally during the date and not be fixated on getting their rocks off. Plus, back when I was single the refractory period was much shorter than it is now, so if I came more quickly than either of us wanted, we’d busy ourselves for 20 minutes or so until I was ready again. Win-win.

It’s important to be at least a little hungry. Of course, it’s also important to not go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, though swimming while full is equally dangerous, especially if you’re going against the current – you’re liable to sink like a rock…

Going in dry is a double-edged sword, I’ve had girls seriously inquire as to whether or not I was gay, or more commonly, a virgin due to my lack of pursuing.

I’m undecided if that’s more humiliating than being a minuteman, but at least the latter has the benefit of tradition among our founding fathers.

Any time anyone ever mentions Freudian “penis envy,” be reassured that us guys are absolutely gnawing at our own ankles in envy of this awesome capability in some women!

The version I know is to do actual old fashioned dating-- having engagements arranged with different parties on different nights. Keeps you from getting over-invested, and makes it easier to take things slow with the ones who show long term potential.

There’s two secrets to success on first (few) dates.

The first is to have absolutely no expectations at all, none, nada, put it out of your mind. The more successful you are at turning off even the thought that someday you might get horizontal with this woman, the more successful you are likely to be.

That, coupled with the second, gave me an astonishing batting average. (Okay, I didn’t have all that many plate appearances… but then, I didn’t have to.)

Nope. As already stated, it would just make me want more.

Also, dangerous from a hormonal standpoint. I don’t need my brain clouded with extra oxytocin before I decide if the dude is worth getting bonded to.

(I’m a woman. Also, not dating. But I will sometimes masturbate to get myself in the mood when my husband wants a little lovin’ and I’m just not feelin’ it. In that use, the hormones work to my advantage.)

What’s the second?


Learning to breathe through your ears.


I’ve found that cleaning the pipes makes me less aggressive, so HELL no I’m not cleaning the pipes before a date.

This is what I’ve heard from a few guy friends. It allows them to not shoot too soon.