Predict the make-up of the Congress 2007-2009.

I predict a Democratic Gain of **23 Seats in the House ** (they need 15 to take control) and

**5 Seats in the Senate ** [Republicans currently hold a five-seat Senate majority, 55 to 44, with one independent voting Democratic] So it would be 48D 50R 2I

with 1 Independent (VT) very reliably Democrat but 1 I (Lieberman) who knows … in any event even if the D/I’s ally and come together to make it 50-50 Cheney’s vote means that the Republicans retain control of the Senate …

Although it also means that the Democrats only need to swing 1-2 votes in the Senate to pass what comes up from the House

That is how I see it the day before the election. You?

I concur with the 50-50 Senate breakdown but am still hopeful for a Democratic majority.

For the House, I see a rout. Make it 236-199 Democrats. Maybe even more. The administration finally gets what it needs- adult supervision.

It may be founded more on hopeful thinking than rational analysis, but put me down for 51 Democratic Senate seats.

Tennessee isn’t going to be one of them. Sorry to say.
Claire McCaskill takes Missouri by a neighborhood’s worth of votes. <please>
Allen loses Virginia to Webb; lots of folks who would’ve voted Allen stay home in disgust.
Tester takes Montana away from Burns, as predicted.
Melendez hangs on to Jersey comfortably.
Lincoln Chaffee is out of a job in Rhode Island.
A huge number of voters are going to turn out to vote Democratic specifically to vote in a Democratic Congress, even if it means holding their noses (hello Melendez) or voting out a Republican who wasn’t so bad (byebye Chaffee). People significantly disgruntled with the current administration are going to vote as a referendum on the Republican Party.

I’ll go along with that.

I’m hoping Santorum is gone – pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.

My two cents as an interested Canadian observer.

The Senate is going 50-50. The Democrats have New Jersey and the Republicans have Tennessee. I don’t know how Missouri or Virginia are going to shape up but I just have a feeling that they aren’t going to be taken by the same party.

For the House, I’ll throw out 233-202.

My prediction: The Democrats pick up 17 House seats to gain control of the house. The Republicans will retain control of the Senate with 51 seats.

230-235 Democrats in the House.

50-50 in the Senate. I’m giving Virginia to Webb, Tennessee to Corker and Missouri to Talent. I’m also assuming that both Sanders and Leiberman caucus with the Dems.

Don’t say that!!! :mad:

C’mon Claire!

I have a feeling it will stay about the same in both the house and the senate (republicans holding control) with democrats losing particular races by a very slim margin. Of course a smattering of e-voting machine issues, and republican wins that don’t make sense.

adjusts tinfoil hat

50 - 50 for the Senate.

233- 202 Democrat for the House.

Governors: 28 Dem to 22 Republican.