Predict the next "Predict the next" thread.

NoClueBoy, you created a monster, which has started giving birth to more monsters.

What will the next “Predict the next” thread be?

ow! why did you kick me?

Predict the next person to try to put a new spin on something that shouldn’t have ever begun.

Predict the next 1920s-style Catch-Phrase.

Predict the next person to make an oblique and oh-so-subtle mention of …


Predict the next person to make an oblique and oh-so-subtle mention of …

NO!!! just don’t

Predict how many multiple posts you can get through by machine-gunning “Submit Reply” while the board hangs. Bonus points if each one has editing changes from the preceding version.

Predict the speed at which a mod will pop in and say no to that idea

Predict the next big to-do over some number being approached, as in the 1,000,000th post in MPSIMS. That was followed shortly by the 200,000th thread. Somebody already said something about the 40,000th member.

Which “big number” will cause the next fad of predictions?

a Predict the next “Predict the next thread” thread.

I think that’s already been done. Can’t be stuffed to locate it though.

Predict how long certain newbies will last?

What? Hey!!!

How about:

Predict the next “Predict the next 'Predict the next” thread’ thread

Predict the next lockdown/troll/meltdown/trainwreck thread.

Predict the next “Batman vs.” thread.

Predict the next mod to return to member status.

Predict the next inflammatory remark in one of Cecil’s columns.

Predict how long it will take your post to appear.

Predict how many times per week the hamsters will eat your post.

Predict the subject of the next “Damn you, _______! Damn you to hell!” thread in the Pit.

Predict the next time Lobsang will post a “Predict the next ‘Predict the next’” thread.

Predict the next piece of prognostication gear lel will employ.

I feel Smaug.

predict the next thread in which the word Smaug will be used.

Predict THIS.

Predict the next time —
OOOH!! Shiny thing!!