Heavy users of my "Predict the..." thread. (Not a restart, btw)

e-mail me!


This all started in August (August!), and I’ve gotten to where I’m pretty darn interested in the things you all do, feel, joke about, etc… Now that the threads are all closing, that’ll all be gone, unless we keep in touch ourselves. Off of the boards.

Yes, all you non-heavy users of that thread, we did more than just pad our post count. We got to know each other.

**This is not a complaint against the Mods, so it’s not in the Pit. Please don’t use this thread for Pit material. Start a pit thread for that.


Mods**, please keep this open for at least a little while so that those guys can see it. Not all of them have their e-mail linky-thingy turned on.

Quite frankly, I’m surprised those threads all lasted as long as they did. A core of super heavy users is the common thread (pun) in all of them.

I DO email you. Sometimes. :smiley:

I don’t think they’ll close yours or my similar ‘rename the’ one. I think it’s just the silly and ‘predictable’ spin offs.

Do you have ICQ?


I spoke too soon.
Sorry about that NCB.

I notice I was the last poster other than the slayer UncleBeer!

At 4830 posts you’d think I’d have learned to read an OP before I reply to it.

I’m on MSN, but I don’t don’t do well in real time chats. I like the MB set up.

I’ll e-mail the relevant numbers to youse guys anyways, though.

Viva, everybody knows about us! :wink:

Really! I am the opposite (or used to be). I love real time chats.

I admit that one-on-one ones can be awkward. But I sorely miss the days when I’d waste my bedtime hours away in a chatroom full of people.

Anyone who does have ICQ, feel free to contact me.

Can I just send you photos of various prognosticating items?

I check my email from time to time, if anyone ever feels a need for prognosticator paraphernalia. :slight_smile:

Not that I ever participated in the other thread (but was mentioned twice. Go me.) but I just wanted to say that the one time I did email you, you ignored me! I still cry myself to sleep over that, months later. :frowning:

OK - NCB - an email from me should be winging its way to you. :slight_smile:

I wish there was a spewing beverage smiley! :slight_smile:

On a serious note, I thought I had replied. About the real depressed version of how to end Voyager, right? If not that one, then it might have got caught in my periodic purges. If I get too much mail in a day or two, I sometimes just dump it all. Same with phone messages.* -SORRY- I’ll try AND do better.

*Some might think that rude. It isn’t intentional. I’m working on it, resetting filters and whotnot…

You should have my email if you haven’t deleted it. :wink:

I think it was over you mentioning you were down in one thread or another. Instead of asking you how you felt where everyone could see it, I emailed you instead.

It’s no problem, really. I just never forget. ;j

A Jewish elephant? :confused:


Jewish Elephants are what make life worth living!

It’s a glandular problem, you insensitive sod!

ok well i sent the email i know i wasnt a huge user of the predict post inc omparison to many of you guys but still it was fun