Predict the Senate rACES

The current US Senate split: 49 Dem, 2 Independents, and 49 Reps
(both independents caucus with Dems).

Current split of 35 Senate seats up for election: 12 D, 23 R

  1. What will be the Democratic vs. Republican Split be after the election results Tuesday take effect

  2. If you want to specifically handicap a few:

A. Chambliss (GA)
B. Dole (NC)
C. Coleman (MN)
D. Stevens (AK)
E. Gordon (OR)
F. Sununu (NH)
G. Landrieu (LA)
H. MCConell (KY)

  1. Any other surprises?

My prediction the Dems “net” 6 seats making the Senate split:
55 Dems, 2 Independents, and 44 Reps.

With the Independents making an effective 57 Seat Dem. Senate (altho Lieberman as always is a wild card)

A. Chambliss wins
B. Dole Loses
C. Coleman Loses
d. Stevens Loses
E. Gordon Loses
F Sununu Loses
G. Landrieu Wins
H. MCConnell wins

  1. I would not be shocked if Mississippi breaks down if the African American vote really turns out at tremendous levels. I would not be shocked if there are hours and hours of waiting more McCain than Obama voters in Ms say “ferget it” and go home. If that happens, I would no be shocked if Wicker loses … not saying “so” just that I would not be shocked.

is dumba$$ for 55 Dems 2 Independents 43 Republicans

You forgot Warner and both Udalls, all three of whom are Democrats taking formerly Republican seats. I personally think Merkley, Hagan, Shaheen, Warner, T. Udall, M. Udall, and Begich will win, Franken has a very good chance, and Martin is more likely to have an upset win (either with huge black turnout on the 4th, or in a runoff) than Lunsford or Musgrove. So probably 56-58 D, 2 I, 40-42 R.