Pregnancy ?

So, my friend and I (his sister, also my good friend, is pregnant) were wondering if, when late in pregnancy, and the bellybutton sticks out, is it kinda like a turkey thingie, that once it crosses a threshold, pops out? Or is it more gradual?

According to my lovely midwives, the pokey belly-button is not an indication of anything more than how much room there is within the abdominal cavity as the uterus expands.

My navel NEVER stuck out.


It seems to flatten out gradually - then pop like a turkey thing.

Mine hasn’t actually popped yet (I’m 34 weeks along) but it looks really weird. It was a very normal looking innie before, and now it looks like it’s all puckered up and wants to give you a kiss.

Mine is turning itself inside-out kinda gradually. (I’m at 22 weeks) It’s VERY tender at times and sensitive the rest of the time. It looks weird.


Mine popped out towards the end of my pregnancy when my 10lb 6oz little baby boy ran out of room. Thankfully, it returned to normal after giving birth.

I think this is the scariest thing there is about pregnancy. I have somewhat of an irrational fear of my belly button (especially of things entering me through it), and the thought of it popping out like that…ALMOST enough to scare me from having kids one day! I don’t know how I’m going to deal with that, if it happens to me. I think I’d need a shrink… :slight_smile:

I’m 22 weeks and my belly button seemt to be just flattening itself out. I think it varies from woman to woman whether their belly button pops out or not.


Wow, I didn’t know that there were so many pregnant Dopers. We are a mighty force, fortified by hormones!

My wife is also pregnant (26 weeks) and hers just popped out. Actually “popped” isn’t quite the word. Hers expanded outward over two or three weeks and I think that is fairly typical. It does look funny. People that are permanent “outies” must be real freaks.

Uh, are you aware of where and how the baby comes OUT?

It’s from the endless supply of sex related threads. :wink:



But imagine my double-take when I thought you said:

“Mine popped out towards the end of my pregnancy when my 10lb 6oz little baby boy ran out of THE room.” :eek:

I really need cawfee :o


Yeah, I’m aware of all that. And although there is some scary stuff about it, nothing quite compares to a phobia, you know? Seriously, just thinking about it makes my stomach clench up, and even my shirt near my bellybutton right now is making me uncomfortable. Belly buttons are SCARY!! :slight_smile:

He looked big enough to accomplish such an endeavor! Being 23 inches long only contributed to that expectation!

Above should read: Being 23 inches long only contributed to that possibility.