Prepare to update your crush lists - People Pages Updates!

Heath Doolin
Sir Rhosis
Bookworm (name change from shay519)
Vestal Blue
Group Gathering Pages Added
Chicago, Round 2
NYC Dopefest
Montreal, the Dopefest of those damn furriners

The People Pages

::Morphy whips out his tattered old crush list, flips a few pages, clicks open a pen, and jots a new name down::

Hello, Renton_Ivr. How’s it goin’? :smiley:

I think Tokiwoki looks pretty cute. However, the way she’s holding that dude on the left you’d say she’s spoken for, or something. :wink:

Great work, Shayna - as always!

Thanks Shayna!!! :slight_smile:

Great job. hugs

er…where do I send my picture again? 'cause I got one and stuff.

Great job, Shayna!

Never mind…I am such a dumbass sometimes.

For anyone else with a similar question:

:ahem: I’m keeping my eye on you! :wally

Psst! Coldy! I’ll split 'em with ya! You get Tokiwoki, I get cykrider! :slight_smile:

So ummmm…amarinth… How you doin?

**Renton_lvr **: I think I know you. :smiley:

::sigh:: Shayna, you are my first true crush. Thanks for the new fantasy…errr… Pictures!!! :slight_smile:

& I’ll take the monitor that’s providing that cool lighting to the picture!

How do I go about getting my picture on there? It’s kinda old, but it’s basically what I look like…

Thanks, Shayna, once again, for all the endless work…

…and for reminding me why I ever developed a crush on Falcon in the first place.

In her picture, bio-brat is with the Stanely Cup! THE FREAKING STANLEY CUP!!!

LMAO! I take it you’re a hockey fan? :wink:

FYI, from this thread, here’s how/why bio-brat is with the Stanley Cup in that pic…

Thanks for the nice compliments, everyone. I’m glad y’all are still enjoying the pages.

Speaker, you can email your picture to if you’d like to be included.

robgruver, how’ve I gone this long not knowing I was your first crush here? I’m so very flattered. <<blushing profusely>>. So how you doin’? :wink:

Oh, and Tretiak, adam yax is also with the Stanley Cup in his picture (and he’s actually holding it! :D). Don’t know what the story is behind how he got to “party with the cup”, though. For that you’ll have to ask him.

blushes bright red

Awww…thank you, hon. smooches softly

No new crushes, but I wanted to say: Great job, Shayna!

Also, Falcon, I love your new picture! You look so cute! :slight_smile:

Then falc sez:

Why don’t you give the both of em to psy and I. We promise to take very good care of them. Buwahahaha, new toys to break… {eg}

I must say, these are some damn fine additions to the SD’s portfolio.

Hey guys, if the price is right, Toki and I just might let you guys watch! :smiley:

Hey cyk…sounds like fun. :wink: