New & Improved Crush Material Now On The People Pages!

There are 26 New and Updated pictures. Everybody go take a look!

Dave Plankton
Sofa King
Tequila Mockingbird

even sven

You can find The People Pages here

If you’d like to be included on the pages, please email pictures to

I would like to request that any images or group gathering pages you would like to have me insert be emailed to me as opposed to posting links to them on the board. It’s simply too time consuming to have to search all over the board trying to remember who posted what request in which thread. Thanks, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

WOO! Thanks Shayna!!! Great job as always!

And I’ll be emailing you some Dopefest links tomorrow. :slight_smile:

As always Shayna, good job :slight_smile:

And as for ENugent…OH I LOVE IT!!! Someone that’s into ballroom dancing!!! I am not a ballroom dancer but I love to watch it. I find it graceful, energetic and sexual all the in the same breath! Whooo hooooo!

Good lord, we’re some beautiful people. I don’t see why any of us ever leave the house.

Thanks Shayna. :smiley:

New & Improved Crush Material…

You ain’t kidding!

checks out the new ladies

Thanks Shayna, you rock!

Wow, we sure have a lot of attractive ladies posting here. Ladies who I didn’t even know were ladies until I saw their pictures!

I now have a crush on BunnyGirl. (Oh wait, I already had a crush on BunnyGirl.) Was that picture taken during your Route 66 trip, by any chance?

Shayna: YOU ROCK!

A few comments on the new faces on SDPP.

Edwardina: Ok. I am now in serious Crush Mode[sub]tm[/sub]. What more can I say than: sigh. I feel like a 13 year old girl at a N’Sync concert. I think I am gonna faint. :D:D:D:D

Soda: Beautiful I can’t get past the smile. There is something more behind Soda that I wish I could pick up, but alas the internet doesn’t let me extend my psycic powers. :slight_smile:

Zub: Shockingly handsome with a jesters smile. I like that. :smiley:

My thoughts…

Hmmm. Wonder what alonicist was going for there and how did he rip out the armpit of his shirt.

soda definitly has a whole Minnie Driver thing going on.

For being such a huge advocate of sucking dick and taking into consideration how much he really, really likes it, goboy looks NOTHING like I thought he would.

Zub, zubba, zubba! Yow!

UncleBill is with some very cute children. He ain’t so bad either.

Shaynna, you are awesome as ever! Thanks!

She’s Swedish, rob, that’s what it is. I didn’t even need to see a picture to know that. Fortunately, though, I saw Anniz picture first. :slight_smile:

Shayna announced, “New & Improved Crush Material Now On The People Pages!”

But what do I need with them, as long as I have you?

Oh, yeah, I don’t HAVE you.

Someday, I shall send my pic in, but I think I have to wait to get one I like… until then…

Tequila Mocking bird, soda, Bunnygirl… How you doin’?

And damn Even Sven, where where you when I was going to Cordova? If I can catch you in a thread, I may just declare yet another crush… sigh
Welfy, is that photoshop, or have you gone Raver on us? Hot Pink Hair… hmmmmmmm…

Thanks Shayna. I wanted to state for the record that I think I look better nekkid, but they said they’d only post modest pics.
Hi Tristan, doing well tonight, just a little sore from a new job. How are you?


Yeah, Shayna WTF?! Can’t we have a special “Nekkid Doper” section or something?

Tequila Mockingbird… I’m good… a little tired, but that’s to be expected considering my activities of the past few weeks… Sore huh? That’s too bad… [blatant] So do you need a back rub, or a front rub, or anything?[/blatant]


Also, TM, if you have any of those Nekkid pics, feel free to send them my way via e-mail… I would offer to trade, but I’m afraid any nekkid pics o’ me would violate Decency Act… :stuck_out_tongue:

I will host it on my website with an adult verification system. :slight_smile:

Woohoo! I get to sit beside Guinastasia!

I’m blushing… But in a good way! It finally gave me what I need to get a sig. I wonder if there are any Narcissists Anonymous groups out there?

Oh, Sue? Minnie Driver? :confused:

Narcissism is a good thing, in my opinion! Fast work, Shayna! I just submitted those. (That shirt rips every time the gamma-ray transformation occurs- no biggie.) Naked Dopers? My e-mail box is open!

First off I didn’t even know you were a woman!

Second, where are these nekkid pictures? :slight_smile: