Present your neologisms

Now I’m sure given the nature of the board but even more so the nature of society, most neologisms will be of a technical nature. And I’m not opposded to that, but I am a bit more interested in other terms; towit:

that amount of space my mother suggests I leave the door open. Useful term, evokative and to to the point.
Anyone else?

I should say I put this here because it has to do with words, but I could be wrong. If it’s more of a IMHO or such please move it.

Philostrophy: n. The atrophy of one’s philosophical thinking skills.

why does he words pussy whipped come to mind? :rolleyes:

Tapiocaphobia = fear of unknown/disgusting food textures.

I am pleased to report that I made this up when I was in my teens and have actually had it come back to me. The verbal equivalent of marking a $1 bill, spending it, then coming across it a year or two later.

I have others - will need to consider my next offering…

Slagbagger–a faker who takes something worthless and dresses it up for sale in a flashy package. Some politicians come to mind.

Dimwad–crosses Dimbulb (stupid) and Paperwad (useless.)

And, from Darrell Waltrip,
Co-opetition–temporarily working with a rival until the time comes to beat him.

Pseudorgasm: she’s faking it.

Motating: moving, rotating, getting on the ball, etc.
(from my dad)

Snuffleupagation: The tendency of technical or mechanical glitches, gremlins and such to disappear when the unit is inspected or sent for repair. (From Mr. Snuffleupagus, a creature on Sesame Street who will only come out of hiding for Big Bird, vanishing when other characters appear.)

Note: This word was rejected by the *Atlantic Monthly’*s Word Fugitives column, apparently because it was not a cutesy pun on an existing word like all the printed submissions. However, nowhere is it stated in the contest rules that submissions must be cutesy, or puns. Life ain’t fair sometimes.

Sometimes, the IT people where I work decide to tweak the self-serve RMA application, to make it more user-friendly. On more than one occasion, the subsequent ooperation of the system has resulted in emails on old, resolved RMA’s being sent out to users who have been happily using their products for weeks, notifying them that they are eligible to create an RMA, or that they need to send their defective unit in to avoid a credit card charge.

I named this phenomenon: zombiespam.

Pervocity : the measure of the depth of perversion achieved.
see also pervacious, pervalicious

See, I knew this thread would net some useful terms.

Yep, that one pretty much wins so far. Kudos, Bippy!

We use severiousin our family. Severe AND serious, obviously.


Oh… not that kind of neologism. My bad.

Post-fartum depression: An unpleasant physical sensation during or after performing a large bowel movement.

Faux pox: The fictitious disease you have when you take the day off by calling in sick.

shitload - a whole bunch.

fissy - cross between fussy and pissy - bad mood.

cyping - cat assisted typing, usually unrequested.

You coined shitload? You must know Mel Brooks. Thanks for passing it along to him - I loved Taggart’s line in Blazing Saddles about a shitload of dimes.

To the OP, my group (MacBU) calls a slew of kernel panics on our test machines “Macerroni”

no I didn’t - but someone in the South did. Sorry 'bout that.

wolotnki: any small object that one carries around and must keep track of (cell phone, iPod, car stereo faceplate, etc.). Abstracted from ‘wallet and keys’.

Guard your wolotnkis!