President Donald Trump: "Democrats Produce Mobs, Republicans Produce Jobs"

President Trump appears to have settled on his closing argument for the 2018 campaign season: “Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs

Personally, I think it’s rather catchy, and a sadly-accurate reflection of the current state of affairs in American politics, but I’m curious what my fellow Dopers think. Have any of you (I’m particularly curious what the leftists think, but the couple of other conservatives are welcome to opine as well) been turned off by leftist incivility, vandalism, destruction of property, violence, mob actions, etc? Even if you personally approve, do you worry that it might be turning off moderates / independent voters? Or do you think this sort of thing will be a great electoral boon for Dems?

Hmm really makes you think.

Honestly, I don’t really see a lot of mobs (nor do I think that Trump has been particularly great at producing jobs or a sustainable economy, but YMMV). Compared to the 60’s or even the 80’s we live in relatively tranquil times, IMHO…

Look at the audience at a Trump campaign rally - mobs of slobs without jobs.

Trump has never given a shit whether anything he says is accurate. He only cares about its effect.

“It must be true if it rhymes.”

Words of an intellectual giant.

In the interests of staying on the right side of the Pit border, I’ll just say that this is typical of the usual quality of your arguments, Ditka.

New York police arrest first two suspects in Proud Boys street brawl

A literal torch wielding mob

GOP leaders are literally leading violent mobs while Trump destroys jobs with fruitless trade wars. Your whole party is lost is delusions. Time will tell if you bring the country down with you.

The unemployment rate is currently … what … 3.7%? He hasn’t destroyed all that many.

You’re guessing at their employment status based on their appearance? That doesn’t seem like the sort of thing your side would normally approve of.

I wasn’t alive at the time, but I think I safely concede that mob actions were a bigger problem in the 60’s.

Good Lord, talk about making a whole buttload of assumptions as to the truth of things in order to poison the question. :rolleyes:

Give it time.
Ford Prepares for Mass Layoffs After Losing $1 Billion to Trump’s Trade Tariffs, Report Says

It’s not just jobs that are lost.
Facing threat of tariffs, China buyers cancel orders for U.S. soybeans(May 8)


At one point Trump claimed that the commonly reported unemployment rate was extremely misleading, and the real numbers should be much higher. I suppose he’s okay with it now, despite the fact that the labor force participation rate remains very low.

Democrats display wit, republicans eat shit. Gee, this is fun. The “president” is dimwitted chimp who inherited a healthy economy. He’s created nothing.

Well we might not have healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions, clean water, breathable air, rights for women and minorities, and a future climate for our children, but we have an awesome slogan.

But it’s something your side approves of.