Which Party Has the Mobs?

The Republicans, obviously. Just got tired of seeing this argument (I won’t call it a debate) spill into other threads ever since the “Democrats Produce Mobs, Republicans Produce Jobs” thread was closed.

Figured I’d open this one in the Pit, since that’s where the closed thread would have gone if it had been kept open.

Bombs, tiki torches, mass murders, a President and his political party routinely pushing the conspiracy theories that rouse the rabble to commit mass murders and send bombs through the mail…all coming from one side of the political spectrum.

Calls for imprisonment and public executions without due process? It ain’t Democrats.

Yeah, have you seen a Trump rally? Their president has literally called for violence against protesters and pledged to pay their legal fees if they do commit violence. Let’s also not forget the bombings in Oklahoma and at the Olympics. Republicans always project out their sins on to others (preferably dark skinned others).

This one is easy, even without evidence. Trump claimed that one side produced mobs. The truth is always the opposite of what Donald Motherfucking Trump says.

Let’s be perfectly fair to Trump; he was just lying about paying those fees.

That will literally be their next talking point.

There has been violence perpetrated by left wing individuals and groups on the US (e.g., the shooting at the Congressional baseball practice, shots fired and other vandalism of Republican offices, and left wing groups engaging in violence at protests). But, yes, I believe it’s clear that the overwhelming majority of political violence in the US these days is carried out by right wing perpetrators. And the President approves of and encourages it.

The Democratic equivalent seems to be the GOP boogeyman, antifa. Which far as I can tell is like Chopper from Stand by Me. The most feared, and least seen dog in Castle Rock. It’s incredible how much airtime Foxnews devotes to this group that appears to only exist in the loosest sense.

There are also no Dem politicians or other Dem spokespersons of any note who are calling for violence against Republicans or conservatives. No Dem pols or spox who portray them as less than human, or as people who less than fully belong as part of our nation, part of our citizenry.

Don’t forget that time Fox News obsessed about two Black Panthers standing outside polling stations in Philadelphia! There’s your mob, that one guy had a stick. He could have put a white person’s eye out.

But… but… all the Republican attack ads I see show angry mobs of protesters paired with scary voice-over about open borders and criminals flooding in if Democrats get elected. Republicans wouldn’t lie about stuff like that, would they?

It’s like you are all monkeys howling and beating your fists at the other tribe of monkeys, in order to build up your sense of superiority enough to attack. And, of course the other tribe of monkeys is doing the exact same thing.

It is obvious to me that Bernie Sanders does not his supporters shooting at Congressman, that Black Lives Matter leaders don’t want policemen shot, that Democratic leaders don’t want people punching or trying to knife their political opponents, and don’t really approve of having their opponents’ headquarters shot up, etc, etc.

Similarly, I don’t think Trump wants anybody shooting up synagogues, running over protestors, mailing bombs or any of that shit.

This is one of these that is not a political problem. It is a human problem. There is a certain percentage of nuts who are going to react violently and stupidly in support of whatever it is that they care about or served as their justification.

Why on earth would you care which is side is currently in the lead for having the biggest nuts? Why would you stand on this? What will you do if next week somebody on the left commits a bigger and more atrocious act? Will you concede that the right has the moral high ground because they are less violent?

This kind of thinking is so fucking incredibly stupid it literally makes me ill.

Why is it that somebody has to be better? Why do there have to be these tribal lines where one side are the good guys and one side are the bad guys? We literally live in the best times there have ever been in perhaps the most free society that has ever existed and we all basically agree on 90-95% of everything.

The violence is a function of the heightened political rhetoric raising the temperature. The higher the temperature the more violent nut jobs feel justified.

If you want to be a good guy, if you want to be a good citizen, than you need to lower the temperature. You need to think and say nice things about people you disagree with and force yourself to see them as worthy equals, especially when the disagreement is severe fundamental and felt deeply.

As a whole we are acting like those two monkey tribes, howling and jeering within our respective groups to build ourselves up and make our opponents look small.
This is supposed to be a message board of critical thinkers. Your just acting like monkeys. Stop it. Rise above your primate instincts. You are not better, more righteous, less violent or anything else. You are just more jabbering monkeys adding to the noise, raising the temperature.

Lower the temperature.
It’s important. These things get out of hand really fast. A lot of people could get killed.

In this respect, do not be on the side of the right or the left. Be on the side of those who are trying to focus on the bonds of commslity and who are lowering the temperature of the overheated hyperbole and political rhetoric.

So are Sanders and Trump to be assumed as the perfect and ultimate exemplars of the political sides they represent? Is the “certain percentage” a fixed percentage regardless of ideology?

I’m not sure why I or anyone should take your comment seriously or be concerned about the issues you honestly don’t “get”.

Could be killed?

How far up your ass have you stuck your head, that you can ignore that massive number of deaths produced by right-wing ideology recently?

I assume he needs an abdominal stoma so he can see well enough to drive.

Wow. In a thread about how conservatives make baseless accusations of Democrats engaging in mob activity, you show up and make a baseless accusation of Democrats engaging in mob activity.

This is too easy. You should at least make us work for it.

Both sides of the political spectrum are capable of producing mobs, but which side condemns it with force whenever we see acts of violence, and which side doesn’t? Which side is using racially-charged advertising, racially-charged stumping, racially-charged tweeting & social media sharing? Which party is talking about 2nd Amendment solutions and a 2nd civil war?

If there’s any doubt, check out the latest ad campaign by Trump, just 2 days after visiting the victims of racially-charged violence.

This is what I’ve been saying: there is a method to Trump’s madness. This is not about his narcissism or impulses; he knows exactly what he is trying to achieve. He wants the country to tear itself apart so that he can use military or police action to gain leverage against his critics. You had better understand this.

I actually took a second to stop and visualize this.

The willful myopia practiced by the hive mind in this thread is ridiculous. The loony left has plenty of mobs. That said, what the right lacks in quantity they make up in quality. Step up your game! Civil war 2 is tepid.