President Donald Trump: "Democrats Produce Mobs, Republicans Produce Jobs"

Democrats stop crimes, Republicans commit them.

I find this statement sadly accurate. Conservatives, how do you feel about it? Do the crimes committed by your fellow conservatives turn you off? Does it bother you that Democrats are out there stopping crime while Republicans are out there committing crime? Even if you personally approve of criminal Republican activity, do you worry that moderates will see Republicans committing crimes and decide to vote for Democrats instead? Or do you think it’ll be a boon for Republicans in the elections?

Hey, Trump’s Cabinet isn’t representative of Republicans! They’re just ‘a few bad apples,’ y’know? :wink:

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Now, speaking of instructions…

This thread is getting overheated and pointless. If y’all can’t play well I’ll close it. I hope that’s clear.

I had a conversation with my FIL who is a veteran, lives in rural Ohio, and is retired. He INSISTS the economy was horrible when Trump took office and the Great One has reversed the nightmare Obama economy. I showed him unemployment rates, NASDAQ, DOW, S&P numbers, etc., all with positive trends through most of the Obama administration and continuing through the first 18 months of the Trump administration. He just could not believe it. I mean literally, could not allow himself to believe it because it was completely counter to the last 8 years of 10 hours a day of Fox News coverage. He implied the numbers I was showing him were absolutely biased, “fake news” so to speak.


A thread which starts out with a debate over which side of the political spectrum has more angry mobs than the other is already heading off the edge of the cliff.

To paraphrase OP when he was applauding the patriotic gesture of Tim McVeigh, I’m not entirely sure that Mr. Ditka is entirely …


I’m not entirely sure this comment, however much it makes me laugh, is entirely ingenuous.

If you need a con, then call on Don.
When you over-slurp, you’ll want to burp.
I’ll take a dump, and vote for Trump.
The birds don’t chirp, we chose a perp.

While the idea that concealed within every old person there is a violent waiting to come out is completely bonkers, it, at least, has an internal consistency that your current position lacks.

Before this thread gets closed, let me post some fake news as Trump would call it: the full actual words of Eric Holder.

What description should we apply to posters who deliberately take partial quotes out of context when the full account is available on every news site?

(All bolding mine.)
If that’s what you were hoping for, you should have a word with the other HurricaneDitka who started this thread.
That person presented an “argument” that insinuated Republicans were better at job creation, and that Democrats were more prone to thoughtless violence.

And then expressed personal satisfaction and agreement with that (very baseless) “argument”.

And then proceeded to invite discussion on the presumption that this “argument” was true.

And asked not for our opinion of the impact of this “catchy” slogan, but the impact of the presumedly rampant violent tactics of the Democrats.

Perhaps you weren’t hoping for people to challenge your assumptions, but you certainly didn’t appear to be asking for opinions on the political effect of Trump’s more-than-dubious slogan.

My wag on the topic you didn’t ask for opinions on but apparently wanted to discuss:
[li]It’s a trite and largely baseless claim for which there is clear evidence of its antithesis.[/li][li]It will offer Trump’s base another easy-to-remember, thought-numbing mantra to further divert their attention from reality. (A gram is better than a Damn!)[/li][li]It will briefly help to rally the faithful and draw back some of those in danger of realizing they’ve been duped. [/li][li]It will piss off the Leftists and thereby gain news coverage and publicity.[/li][li]It will almost certainly become the basis for Trump’s new bumper-sticker business venture.[/li][/ul]

I had a post (#86) along these same lines. Maybe he’ll respond to yours; he ignored mine.

That’s giving the original post entirely too much credit: HD has explicitly disavowed the idea that which side has more mobs is at issue, claiming instead that the statement is trivially true and therefore worth responding to. It’s the most absurd bait-and-switch I’ve ever seen, and is super ultra pointless from the get-go.


Some people — of course this includes no one at SDMB! — lack the mental wherewithal to process paragraphs or even long sentences. That’s why the six-word soundbite had to be invented.

It sounds like you are disparaging the many fine Americans who need facts reduced to soundbites of six words or less. Shame on you!

Willy thinks the NPR is leftist media. How cute.

Well, he did at least offer you this in response to a different post.

So, there’s that I guess.

I said that my point in starting the thread wasn’t to discuss it, but if that’s what everyone wants to discuss, I’m fine with it (as I indicated in post #156). Does anyone have any data on which side has “more” mobs?

To eliminate multiple “No-that doesn’t count” responses, how would you define “mobs”?

People carrying signs: mobs.
People carrying tiki torches: not mobs.

Do you think Trump or any other Republicans came up with data to back up this slogan before sending it out into the world? Do you think Trump or any other Republicans even care about any objective truth behind it?

Generally the side making a claim is responsible for providing evidence for that claim, but I’m guessing the lack of evidence isn’t going to stop anyone from repeating it.

Well, maybe not. What little I saw of the tiki-torches parade, I couldn’t get any kind of fix as to the numbers. We saw a crowd of marchers going past the camera, maybe twenty, thirty. A glimpse, perhaps, not representative of their actual massive numbers? Or did it give the appearance of a Big Hairy Ass Deal when, in truth, it wasn’t?

And where’d they go, the Beige Shirts? Did the nationwide call to action just turn out a couple hundred flaming assholes, who then faded into the background?

You know, that’s enough.