President Donald Trump: "Democrats Produce Mobs, Republicans Produce Jobs"

Willy thinks the NPR is leftist media. How cute.

Well, he did at least offer you this in response to a different post.

So, there’s that I guess.

I said that my point in starting the thread wasn’t to discuss it, but if that’s what everyone wants to discuss, I’m fine with it (as I indicated in post #156). Does anyone have any data on which side has “more” mobs?

To eliminate multiple “No-that doesn’t count” responses, how would you define “mobs”?

People carrying signs: mobs.
People carrying tiki torches: not mobs.

Do you think Trump or any other Republicans came up with data to back up this slogan before sending it out into the world? Do you think Trump or any other Republicans even care about any objective truth behind it?

Generally the side making a claim is responsible for providing evidence for that claim, but I’m guessing the lack of evidence isn’t going to stop anyone from repeating it.

Well, maybe not. What little I saw of the tiki-torches parade, I couldn’t get any kind of fix as to the numbers. We saw a crowd of marchers going past the camera, maybe twenty, thirty. A glimpse, perhaps, not representative of their actual massive numbers? Or did it give the appearance of a Big Hairy Ass Deal when, in truth, it wasn’t?

And where’d they go, the Beige Shirts? Did the nationwide call to action just turn out a couple hundred flaming assholes, who then faded into the background?

You know, that’s enough.