President Obama on "Between Two Ferns".

Wasn’t sure where to put this, it could be in the Pit, Cafe Society, or Great Debates.

Anyhoo, this is gold.

“What’s it like to be the last black president?”

Obama: “Who gave you permission to shoot in the Diplomatic Room?”
Zack: “Bush”.

Hilarious… I can’t even believe this happened.

Excellent. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing that.

Obama wore his sassypants to that interview. I like it.

What the hell was that? Is it a regular series? Something like the Daily Show ‘interviews’? Were Obama’s reactions standard for guests on it (assuming there’s been more than one, but I think I’ve heard the name before). That is, was his apparent irritation part of the schtick or did someone not brief him on what to expect?


It’s a long standing series on Funny or Die.

The other thread

Oh yeah, it’s a very awkward and rude show. Previous episodes would have 2 or 3 big name celebrities and after what seemed to us like very perfunctory interviews he’d tell 'em to git. I think the one I like the most is when he interviews Jennifer Lawrence and they have a back and forth about off-putting and pudding. “You’re off-putting.” “You should be off pudding. pause Because you’re fat.”

That was really, really funny. Really fits into the B2F mythos. Bravo!

I would love to assume Obama came up with those zingers on his own, but even if he was just performing a script his delivery was excellent.

Very well done.

“Three inch horizontal.”

“In two years, how are you gonna feel when no one lets you win at basketball anymore?”

And the president does have very good delivery and timing.

Obama was actually funniest with those very angry-looking presidential glares. Those were the moments that had me laughing out loudest.

That was pretty damn funny…

Coolest president ever.

That was awesome. I can’t believe Zach got to do this with the freaking president!

If you have not seen him whip Justin Bieber with his belt, you have not yet lived.

“You know what I would do if I was president? Make same sex *divorce *illegal, and see how bad they want it.”

Am I the only one who thinks this looks like a hoax? The camera kept cutting from Obama to Galli/whatever, never portraying them both onscreen together while they were “zinging” each other. It came off as very staged/stilted/weird to me.

One thing Republicans have to concede. With the exception of Reagan, the Presidents with style have all been Democrats.

Goddamn. That’s funny.

“Is this what they mean by Drones:smiley: