Where are the President's balls?

I find a it a quite a bit disturbing that Barack Obama would allow the kind of impudence Brett Baier displayed in his cantankerous and contentious haranguing of the President of the United States of America.

I felt insulted as a citizen of this country watching what I consider to be nothing more than a ploy to show off to their viewers that they have no respect for this President. I seriously doubt that he would have done the same thing to George Bush or Ronald Reagan and not gotten his belligerent behind thrown out of the White House.

The President truly had nothing to gain by giving Fox News that interview, Nothing!! I often think he simply has way too much nice in him. There truly has to be a time in the life of a man when you get mad and tell an idiot to STFU and get out.

That is what he should have said to Brett last night. Many of his supporters would have cheered. I would have.

Where are the President’s balls?

Why… in the Oval Office of course.

I missed the interview but for anyone else similarly constrained, here’s a Washington Post link with video.

First they wanted to see his birth certificate, now they want to see his balls. Before long it will be “Reagan showed us the interior of his colon! What is Obama hiding?”

Under the picture of Richard Nixon. Like everyone else, he keeps them under his Dick.

I agree completely. He should have walked out as soon as he was interrupted the first time.

Yeah, but then they would have said he was cowardly and couldn’t take the heat and that he had something to hide. They would have run with that line of bullshit into the next century.

No way was he going to walk out but I bet Fox got their last interview.

It was a mistake to give them any interview. Fox News is an arm of the Republican Party or vice versa.

Where are Obama’s balls? He granted an interview to an overtly right-wing news organization with an agenda, fully knowing they weren’t interested in answers and were going to do their damnedest to embarrass him. Bush wouldn’t have gotten caught dead in an interview with Jon Stewart or Rachel Maddow during his presidency. Obama’s got stones.

I didn’t see it but it seems to me that he’s the President for everyone, not just his supporters. Seems a reasonable move to attempt to reach non-supporters through their preferred medium.

I was insulted that he wouldn’t answer the questions. If he had answered them instead of trying to avoid them he wouldn’t have been interrupted.

You must have hated Reagan, then.

In Pelosi’s purse, along with most of congress’ balls.

Because Mr Obama is EVERYONE’S president, not just the people who voted for him.

He works for EVERYONE not just for people who voted for him. He even works for and is the presidents to jerks

Is your boss a jerk. Do you say to him, “I’m not gonna listen to your B.S.”

Part of being the president is to serve ALL the people. Not just the ones you like or the ones that treat you kindly.

The same way a clerk in a store waits on rude people or the waitress that doesn’t get a tip, doesn’t run after the patron screaming at him.

They may not like it, but part of the job is to wear it and if necessary refuke the arguments at a later date.

If Mr Obama had walked out, it would look like he couldn’t handle himself

I believe the President showed both courage and wisdom by granting the interview. To do otherwise would have provided the other side with ammunition to tout such as “The President refused to discuss Health Reform with Fox News!” Regardless of your opinion of Fox, those who faithfully follow it would eat this type of headline up and strengthen their resolve against the President.

I believe the President fully realized what he was getting in to but took the opportunity to at least have his message broadcast to the right while reaching his base as well.

His handling of Baier’s interruptions was appropriately courteous and to the point. However, I would have liked to have heard him explain to Baier at least once, “Hey, shut the fuck up you little bias brain damaged twerp and let me finish!”

Politicians should accept that this is hard ball or find an easier profession. Watch Sunday Am news any time and you’ll see lots of interruptions. Obama avoided the questions, which is something he’s excellent at. He was confronted. What’s the big deal?

I have to wonder about the motivation of the OP. Would you prefer some sort of monarchy where the leaders aren’t challenged?

I think he did the best he could with a bad situation. If he refused the interview, they would have called him a coward or trotted out the old “he won’t engage” line. If he’d thrown down his nuts, they’d call him a bully, and if he’d shut up they’d have called him a push over. Though I’m a supporter of him, Obama is often frustratingly vague about things with reporters. I WOULD like to see him address those or any questions with a bit more sincerity. If it’s a bullshit question, he ought to call it one and give the best answer he can give.

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Here’s a comment via a libertarian blog on the interview: “Gone is the image of a policy sophisticate (try watching that Bret Baier interview a few times without wincing).”

Here’s the link:


I guess the “war” against FoxNews is officially over.

I saw the interview, and was wondering when someone would open a thread like this. I was wondering how many posters here would have cheered if Rachel Maddow had interviewed Bush in exactly the same way. How many times do we hear how interviewers let those interviewed get away with not answering the questions?