Primetime viewing habits

What are everyones habits for watching primetime TV? Not necessarily what do you consider the best shows, but what do you usually watch, and do you actively bounce from network to network, to catch the best show at that slot.

I’m sure lots of people don’t watch TV and think primetime is a pile of steaming Emu droppings, and while i may not disagree, I don’t need you to pop in and inform us of that :).

Me: (7-10 PM CST)

Sunday: Simpsons (FOX), Sunday Night Football (ESPN) (X-Files when it starts will always get taped and watched immediately following)

Monday: Monday Night Football (ABC)

Tuesday: Nothing, It’s Like You know (ABC), Darma & Greg (ABC), Sports Night (ABC), Once & Again (ABC)

Wednesday: Two Guys and a Girl (ABC), Norm (ABC), Drew Carey (ABC), Oh Grow Up (ABC), Law & Order (NBC)

Thursday: Friends (NBC), College Football (ESPN), Fraiser (NBC), College football, ER (NBC)

Friday: Nothing I go out

Saturday: Go out again, but occasionally College Football (ESPN)

Now many of these shows I just leave on because I don’t hate them enough to flip around, and I’m usually online while watching so that male urge to flip is quenched. When football season is over, i usually don’t watch TV on Mondays, and sometime the reruns let me watch Nature shows. Obviously Bulls, and Cubs take priority over most all shows.

What about you guys? Who’s the one keeping CBS in business? And does anyone actually watch WB or UPN any time but 2 AM movies and infomercials?

Stay with one network rather than switch channels? That has never even occurred to me.
My computer in general and the Web in particular have definitely cut into my old marginal tv viewing practices. Now I often find myself not bothering to get up from this screen to go to the other one unless it’s a particularly important (meaning funny) show.
There are several shows on PBS, WB, UPN, and Fox which I mean to watch but almost always forget about. I rarely notice what’s below the three main networks in the tv listings as I scan them for the night.

“Futurarma” or “Red Dwarf”

I haven’t seen either in months though. The stations move stuff around and I only tuned in for these two.

Sunday : King of the Hill, Simpsons, X-Files
Monday : Nothing
Tuesday : Nothing
Wednesday : Law & Order
Thursday : ER
Friday : Nothing
Saturday : Freeks and Geeks

I always catch Friends, Simpson, Whose Line is it Anyway. After that, the TV will bon anything sports related as more of a background interest. ESPN owes me lots of money for all of the ratings points I have given it over the years.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

I might catch something as it airs between 8 and 9 but usually just tape it and watch it later. If there is something on PBS I want to see I’ll wwatch it or tape it before the other stuff. Tape one watch another,etc.

Mo – Antiques Roadshow, Ally McBeal
Tu --It’s Like…,That 70’s show,Sports Night
We --2 Guys and a Girl, Get Real (Flame away)
Th --Friends,Stark Raving Mad,ER
Fr --Providence, Nash Bridges
Sa --The Pretender
Su – Occasionally The X-Files

Sunday: Football if the teams are interesting to me (ITTAITM)
Monday: Ally McBeal; football ITTAITM
Tuesday: Nothing
Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: last couple of weeks: Action; maybe the college football game ITTAITM
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: College football ITTAITM; COPS, America’s Most Wanted

As you can see, the networks must hate me. I can count on one hand the sitcoms, dramas, or dramadies I’ve enjoyed over the past 20 years.

I also look for biology/nature specials.

Will catch reruns of The Simpsons and MASH if I’m doing laundry or eating dinner.

Monday through Friday 7:30 - 8:00 - Jeopardy… I like to read far too much, and have far too little time. (Not an anti-t.v. snob, if I had more time, I am sure I would probably catch more t.v.).