Princes of Malibu

Bruce Jenner must be spending a lot of time in his back yard, practicing rolling over in his grave.

This is a spoof of realiy shows, right? Not an actual reality show? Either way it pretty much sucked, although I have an awful feeling I may end up watching it every week out of pure inertia. Ah well, at least the “princes” have some eye candy potential.

I don’t know if it was a spoof or for real…if it was real, some of it had to be at least partially staged. ALso, was the sound off by a few milliseconds on anyone else’s broadcast? That drove me nuts.

Come on – the two Jenner kids and their friend Spencer are the producers and writers of this thing. How much reality do you think it contains?

I caught the last five minutes of this… between the stepdad’s voiceover at the end saying calmly that he has a lot of work to do with these boys! Dr. Hibbert chuckle here and the plugging of an album by some band whose music was “featured in the episode”, I’m thinking “Plug Show”.

Stepdad is a music producer, he gets free publicity for him and his clients, PLUS he can plug new bands on primetime network television. Even if this doesn’t make another episode, he’s gotten a load of publicity. Plus, FOX is paying his kids to act like jackasses. They all win.

That “friend” of theirs seems like a shill. Do people really act like that? Off camera?

IIRC the band was the one that the elder “prince” plays in.

Meh. Mildly amusing but completely BS. Like why would there be a camera crew there when they come home a day early to their son having a huge party? Or their Eddie Haskel friend?

The scene in Nobu or whatever was certainly staged. Half a dozen kids from wealthy families and none of them have a valid credit card?

Besides, between The Simple Life, Growing Up Gotti, Gastineau Girls, MTV’s Laguna Beach and My Super Sweet 16, I think the market is already saturated with “reality” shows about the good-looking idiot offspring doing nothing all day but living Billy Madison style and throwing temper tantrums when they are forced to find “real work”.

I want to see one of these kids get completely cut off. Like if they don’t find work they live in a cardboard box cutoff. That would be interesting.

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I just think we have enough of this type of reality show.


Complete hokum, trying to jump on the Growing Up Gotti bandwagon. The stepfather does his Yosemite Sam/Oliver Hardy impotent frustration bit, the kids whoop it up with lots of nubile pixilated/blurred nipple-age and butt-candy and we’re supposed to feel righteous and envious at the same time.

I saw the first episode and for me it may as well be the last. I have too much respect for Bruce Jenner’s accomplishments to watch his offspring make complete asses of themselves.

Damn right. The star of Can’t Stop the Music deserves so much better!

And I undrstand he was also an athlete of some sort.

Actually, I was thinking of his Emmy-deserving supporting role on CHiPs.

I love their friends comment in Nobu about them having the “world’s greatest genes”. I guess that settles the nature vs nurture debate.
Besides…I thought the wealthy were supposed to recruit village idiots and buffoons from the poor for amusement, not the other way around.

I’m just waiting for the gratuitous nudity!!

Don’t bother. It’ll all be blurred.