Printing the Firefox saved password list

I have a lot of stored passwords. And a lot of them are very similar and rather old. It would be much easier for me to clean up the list and connect to sites to change my passwords if i could have a printed list in front of me. Does anyone know how I can get access to this list besides print screening each page as I scroll through the list? Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, the actual passwords are stored in an encrypted (or obscured) format. I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to access that directly.

There are workarounds, though.

Did you know you can resize the password manager? If you temporarily set your monitor resolution high enough, you may be able to make the window big enough that you can see all the passwords at once and take a screenshot.

Failing that… hmm. Normally, there are programs that will let you copy text directly from a list like that, but Firefox doesn’t seem to use the standard type of list box.

The only thing I can think of is to use this product: ScreenOCR (21-day free trial). It lets you take a screenshot of any window and turn it into text. So just make the window as big as you can, use the program to capture one section of text, scroll down some, capture the text again, and repeat. It should at least be easier than putting together multiple screenshots.

I have a Mac, and I assume you are running a version of Windows, but it’s likely your Firefox files are similar. In one of my Firefox folders, there’s a plain-text file called signon.txt, which is the uncoded list of password sites, together with their unreadable, coded passwords.

Try a file search for signon, ignoring the suffix (I don’t know whether Windows uses txt, at least for these kinds of files). If the file is there, you should be able to print it.