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Plese remember to put your question in the form of a question.

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“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

Saw them on the search page, where I got the weirdest result yet, that place is becoming interesting just because of its WAGs. Anyway, what are they? I think I mean ,Why are they?
(aside from; forum b: a public meeting place for open discussion) , what goes on in a private forum, huh? huh? i bet it’s really neat. i bet they talk about the anti gravity rocket ship with the faster than light laser that deletes stupid postings and everything. Shoot, there went my points for brevity, I like boxers better any way.
Oh,speaking parenthetically, of course, I guess I should have communicated more punctually, but I thought it was time to put a full stop to that period of silliness.

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

I never noticed that before, mr. john! I’ll bet they have secret handshakes, human sacrifice and free beer in there.

You mean, like, where the illuminati meet?

Oh look ,dex has deigned to poke his head out of the private forum. What’s the matter dex? The smoke from the ‘incense’ get too thick? you don’t fool us, we’ve heard that illuminati used to cover up the real conspiritors way too often. I bet they got Hitlers brain in there, and Dillingers ‘gun’, maybe even Franco’s pancreas. You just get back to the sdorgi, and stop taunting us. We don’t really care. Aw,come on can we just peek thru the key hole ,please, we won’t tell, come on, honest, we’ll be quiet.

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

Not clear if this is a bug or a feature, but this board appears to let you set up new forums. See, for example, Forum 9

My handle isn’t authorized to search private forums…hmmm…imagine that?!

Contestant #3

Mine neither ,connie, sorry to bust your unique bubble of paranoia. but white blew it, that close to be allowed into the inner circle, and let the secret out.

Every one come to forum 9 but do not go to the test thread there is a revolution there. but both factions are actually THEM.and there is some rabble rouser in there. I tried to stop it and institute a benevelent regime, but was unsucessful. come to ‘a new regime’. come on, connie, you and sly can be the ministers of peaceful cooperation.

Permission to enter, please?
If not, then it’s o.k. I’ll just sit in the corner, quietly, a single tear in my eye, and wonder why nobody loves me anymore.sigh

Are they buying it?

AH, man, now I can’t get into forum 9! I posted two topics in forum 8 but now I can’t get there either. You know it seems to me if there was a place THEY didn’t want us to go SOMEONE could have answered the ? in the first place. forum 7 any one?

“Forums 8 and 9” are forum areas that have been, as yet, unassigned to a topic.

It’s a bug in the UBB system that y’all found them and had access to them in the first place.

Thanks for finding that for us, though; all this is a work in progress and we’re discovering new things every day.

your humble TubaDiva/SDStaffDiv
for the Straight Dope

PS Now that you all know, guess I have to kill you.

mr john said:

Frankly, john, I didn’t know what you were talking about 'til whiteho posted the link. If I would have understood the question, I would’ve responded and told you that I didn’t know what you were taking about. :slight_smile:

In other words, I didn’t understand the question, and even if I had, I didn’t know the answer 'til TubaDiva just told me. As you saw whwn you got there, there were no secret discussions in those forums – it’s just that they aren’t in use. Kinda blows away C3’s little conspiracy “thoughts,” I’m afraid.

I encourage it! (That’s Great Debates :slight_smile:

help me… that I am imprisoned in forum 9 I do not know that the word
of passage… I am all alone. I am hope of scared.i that approximately
obtains this I will try to pass this in smuggling outside with a fish of
Babel which swims close want me to help

I am not mr john , I do not know him. i never heard of him.

i have scaped i had to. mt master… er friend mr john has tried to reply to moderater david 5 times, each time greeing that teyre is no comspiracy, each time using his usual wit and wisdom n the spirit of great reparte. each time his pass word is not stored, each time he has clicked ‘forgot your pass word?’, the result is that SD has no one registerd with that email dress, he went to ‘preferences’ ithnk and got the password emailed to him, he copied and pasted it right into the space. submit,"there is no one registerd with that password,’ he tried to reregister “there is already someone registered with that name”.
he told me to tell you he truly believes ther is no spiracy, really , i don’t no who to trust any more. bet this doesn’t post either.

I am not mr john , I do not know him. i never heard of him.

Wow I been somewhere in someplace , but I am back now. Holy smokes! down in ‘review topics’ below here it says, "Connection timed out’! There ARE some “things man was not meant to know.” and I was gonna ask the diva to bring all of forum 9 up here as a topic as a reward for discovering the ‘bug’, just so I could see who finally won. but I am scared now.

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

he is right I was there conection timed out. i am afraid.

The two Forum 9 threads were: test and new realm.

The two (vastly inferior, not that I’m being judgmental) Forum 8 threads were: ho ho! and he hee.