Private message to madrabbitwoman

Happy Birthday! May it be full of teh awesome!

A very happy birthday to you madrabbitwoman! Enjoy the day!

May this anniversary of your arrival into the world, (so to speak,) bring you much good fortune and joy!

Happy Birthday! Who’s got the cake?

I’ve got yellowcake. My Iraqi friend gave it to me.

That’s hot. I’ll be in my bunk(er).

Happy B-day, madrabbitwoman.

Heh,l I’d actually PMed you before I saw this!

Hippo Birdies!

Crashing your private message…

Happy Birthday!

What time is simulcake?

You’d think she’d prefer buns.

Happy Birthday MRW! I hope this year is a great one!

I have no idea what this thread is about because I don’t read other people’s private messages.

Happy birthday!

It’s about declawing cats.

Chocolate cake?

Where’s the beer? I’ll have a Guiness.

Happy birthday!

Happy tears. A nice change. Thank-you guys n gals :slight_smile:

Wishing you a good day, a good year and a great life! Happy Birthday!

I generally neglect to do online happy birthdays, because I’m too lazy to make the effort. This one is worth it though.

Happy Birthday!!:smiley:

I will have to post some pics of my presents. No scythe this year though :wink:

Sorry I missed your birthday! No cake, but I do have cookies… :slight_smile:

Mmmmmm… I do like cookies