Problem posting to my FB wall

Last night, my daughter pointed out that she was unable to post to my FB wall. Sure enough, even though my settings are set to allow friends to post, they can’t. I used the “view profile” feature, entered the names of several friends, and none of them can post on my wall.

Anyone have any clues? FB’s help page is useless.

See what happens if you check the box to allow anyone to post. I’ve found on FB, that a lot of times you have to toggle a setting in order to get it to work like it’s supposed to.

The lil’wrekker says to turn it off and then back on. She thinks that will fix anything from global warming to wars. Just saying.

Thanks, I tried this, and it didn’t work. :frowning:

Try rebooting your device, and then toggling the FB setting.

Tried, still doesn’t work.

Between all the toggling and rebooting, at some point the problem resolved itself.

She may be right. There are a few people in my gf’s family who think I am some kind of computer genius. When they’ve had problems, I’ve sat down with their device and played a bit, then done a restart. Ta-Da!!

Uhm, restarting your computer has no affect on how a website works lol.

It affects how the web page loads on your device, LOL.

To be clear, if you’re restarting a computer so a web browser – IE, Chrome or Firefox – functions again or reseting your computer’s connection, yes, restarting makes sense.

However, if a website doesn’t work, that’s on the site’s owners. Restarting your computer won’t magically fix it.

I wish I did.

I came up with (what I think) is a clever little GIF for people’s birthdays, and I decided it would be good to use for a year before I had to come up with something else. Until about six weeks ago it was possible to post the GIF on a friend’s timeline (which is the same as their “wall”, right?). And “happy birthday” posts are just the kind of thing that you would like the recipient’s friends to be able to see, and you don’t really care if your other friends can see them or not. But now it seems the only reasonable option is to set the privacy level so that only your friend can see it.

Besides the fact that this cuts out all the other friends of that person, you have to remember to undo the privacy setting, because otherwise everything you post subsequently will be visible only to that one friend!