Problem with gmail.account

I know this may not be the right thread and I apologize if I’m bothering. I just re-set all the settings on my IPhone (IPhone 4S). Now I can’t sign in to my gmail.account. I can’t sign in to it on my laptop either. But I can sign in to all the other accounts made using that email address (Fanfiction, etc.) and receive my emails. What should I do?

Let’s move this over to GQ

Have you perused the Gmail support pages?
Do you have an alternative email account attached to your gmail account?

What happens when you try to sign in? Several faults are possible, which are you getting?

Account name not recognized?
Password not recognized?
Account not available at this time?
Screen times out after login attempt?
No sign-in screen appears?
Something else?

The fix will depend on what happens when you try.