Problem with Windows Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery is the lightweight program that comes bundled with Windows. I used it on XP with this never happening, but it occasionally pops up in Vista. To scroll to the next picture in a folder, all you have to do is click on the right (or left) arrow. Most of the time this works fine. Sometimes though, it will jump 5 (or sometimes 6 or 7 photos). I have no idea why it does this, and why it reverts to scrolling one photo at some point later.

I can’t find an options menu. Help! It’s ridiculously frustrating.


No one else has had this problem? The MS help site is useless, as usual. Anyone have anything?

I can’t reproduce anything like this on my Vista box. It always pages through pics in whatever order they were last sorted into in the folder.

Source: Wikipedia

So is the problem occurring with WPG on Vista or WLPG on XP?

Sigh. I hope it’s not just me. It’s so frustrating because it doesn’t happen all the time, and I can’t reproduce any circumstances that would seem to lead to it. Most of the time it just scrolls as you say, in whatever order they’re sorted in the folder.

Maybe I’ll grab that free upgrade to Windows Live Photo Gallery, and see if that fixes it. I’m always wary about Windows upgrades, though.

It’s WPG on Vista. And I’m not using the slideshow feature, just simple scrolling to the next photo with the arrow keys. Actually, maybe hitting the slideshow button will cause the program to realize that it’s doing something stupid. I’ll give that a shot when I get home.

I’d recommend a free alternative called FastStone Image Viewer. It does all WPG does and more.

I have just upgraded to live and I am not having any problems.

I think I’ve seen this before. We have tons of photos of the kids and sometimes we’ll just go through them and it seems to skip a few photos, be ok, then skip some more. I wonder if it’s the way it reads the file name. It is very frustrating when you know a picture is coming next and it just doesn’t show it.

I use Vista ultimate and sometimes use the picture software and haven’t had this issue. Are you sure all the files are in JPG format? Also, are they all in the same folder?

To be fair, the MS site may not be helpful if no one else has reported this as an issue and there’s no tech documents detailing a fix.

Yup, same format and folder. Apparently Edward the Head has had similar issues. I guess maybe not too many people have the issue, so it probably hasn’t been reported. I just wish I could identify causality. It’ll start doing it, and I’m pretty sure a reboot takes care of it. Sometimes just putting it to sleep fixes it as well.

I was really surprised the last time when it started jumping 7 photos instead of 5. Jumping 5 I had seen several times before, but 7 was new to me. And the files are sorted by name in the folder, and for the most part I don’t rename my photos, so they go img001 img002 etc.