Problems with Netflix...

has anyone successfully returned more than one DVD in the same sleeve? Twice in the last month I’ve done this after losing a sleeve, and the website says this is a viable way of returning the discs, but both times they’ve claimed not to get them. I’m wondering if one of the people collecting the returned disc pockets the one with a missing sleeve. Whatever the problem is, I’m going to be pissed if my account gets cancelled for DVD’s that I’m not jacking.

One more thing: I always return all 3 of my discs in the same envelope, but ,whenever the “receive” all 3 discs, they only ship 2 of the three out. Anyone have this problem? I know they will slow down returns to people that return films too quickly, but I only make about 5 or 6 exchanges a month.

No - not two disks in the same sleeve, but I’ve returned one without a sleeve - I realized it after I’d dropped it in the mailbox, so I went and hunted down the e-mail page on their site and sent them an e-mail, telling them the barcode number and all info that I could.

I would think that returning 2 in the same sleeve would be problematic, because I doubt that they check every sleeve, and if they don’t know that there are 2 movies in a sleeve, they would just send it back out again with both movies in it.

Now, I send 2 in one envelope sometimes, but it seems to slow things down significantly when I do that - like it falls to the bottom of the bin or they do those last or something. I try to return in seperate envelopes whenever possible, because they seem to receive them much faster.

From the Netflix FAQ:

As far as I know, when Netflix checks movies in, they do it by running the bar code on the sleeve through a computer. The computer says, “Code 12345? That’s the copy of Gone With the Wind, rented to Bababooey. Time to credit him with returning it.” If you also have a copy of Girls Gone Wild 12 in the same sleeve that you rented, the computer has no way of knowing that, so it don’t credit you.

The note is so that some time after that, a Netflix employee can find it and say, “Hey, there’s a copy of Girls Gone Wild 12 here, and this note says it’s from Bababooey, who’s sorry he lost his sleeve” and then manually do it.

So, have you been leaving a note with your returned movies?

:smack: I read the directions before signing up several months ago and mis-remembered them. The first time I just put two into one sleeve. This most recent time I did put a rubber band and note around the sleeve so it would have been impossible to scan it without seeing a note saying “Two discs inside”, so they may have my info from that sleeve. Hopefully they don’t cancel my account after doing this twice in the past month.

I remember the directions as you stated in the OP. They must have changed their system sometime recently.

An impossibility, since Netflix doesn’t rent pornographic films.

Figured as much, I can generally count on my memory when liquor isn’t involved, and I don’t drink and rent. I retract my previous ":smack: "

I always return all 3 in the same envelope, and they’ve always immediately shipped out 3 more. I make 2 or 3 exchanges a month.

I’ve returned two in the same sleeve before. I attach a post-it note on the outside indicating that there are two movies inside. I think they suggest to attach a note.

Done it a bunch of times. No problems.

Which they should! Hmmph.

(yes, I’ve heard of similar services for porn, but why not get your bread and you’re meat while you’re at the deli anyway?)