Problems with Paypal

I have had a Paypal account for many years. Just now I tried to add to my balance, and the process doesn’t seem to go anywhere. After entering an amount (I’ve tried different amounts, small and large), no confirmation, no screen change, no email, no nothing.

Tried 3 browsers and 2 computers with the same results.

Anyone have this problem?

Before you reply, please do not tell me I don’t need to have a balance in Paypal to buy something. I already know that and it is irrelevant. I want a larger amount to show in my Paypal account that currently exists.

So no one has any comments or advice after a week?

I’ve never had to do that, it’s probably not a common action, so I’m not sure of the process. I’ve never had any real problems with Paypal transactions, but it did update its interface about six months ago, so there may be a bug worth submitting to their staff.

There is a tech support contact form when you’re logged in. If its persistent then it might be a problem with your account and the way your bank account is linked to Pay Pal Its never happened to me, but then I’m always taking money out rather than putting it in. (My company sells via Pay Pal).

Looks like the problem has cleared up. I’ve been away from the Internet for a while, and the first time I tried this simple operation today, it worked twice, or at least looked like it will, since the actual transfer will take a few more days. And this was on the same computer, with the same processes running as before.