Procrastination, or, you've known about this for HOW long?

I met friends for dinner tonight; it was supposed to be an early and short dinner, because one of them has a project due. Oh, okay. What’s the project? The difference between (something I don’t understand) and (another thing I don’t understand). (She’s a resident and I’m not even sure what her specialty is or will be.)

I asked her when the project is due. Friday. When did you start on it? A couple days ago. And how long have you known about it? Four years.

Four years. I am in awe of her procrastinatory abilities.

That is absolutely Olympic standard. :smiley: Heck, I thought I was bad for having trouble paying bills late and xmas cards and stuff, but I am humbled by this lady’s skills.

btw - did you have a good dinner, or were you far too astonished to be able to enjoy the food?

We killed a bottle of champagne in celebration of her abilities, so it was a very good dinner. :wink:

Excellent! I’m all for this kind of procrastination!

Kudos to your friend…

I was going to reply to this, but instead I think I’ll wait until Friday.

I received a request for 6 data extracts at 3 pm last Friday. The answers had to be on the minister’s desk on Monday morning. The original recipient had waited 8 days before asking me to do it. From early morning December 1 to 3pm December 9.

Not even procrastinating, just stalling. I did the work.

I bow down in admiration to your friend’s procrastination abilities. I only tend to manage to procrastinate on the scale of weeks. Years, however, is just impressive.

Jeepers, I thought my thesis was going badly, but I am humbled. My hat is off.


She’s put it off for four years, it’s due next Friday and you got her snockered. That is a masterstroke of Evil Geniusness worthy of Pitr’s attention!!!

If you wait until the last minute to do something, it only takes a minute to do.

Wow! and I thought I held the record, by starting a semester project the night before it was due. She has my undying admiration! :cool:

finding this while taking a break from working on my term paper (due today, started yesterday, assigned late august/early september), i felt i was delaying a fair bit. I am in awe of that. Heck, i think even I could start a 4 year project earlier that that… maybe 2 weeks :smiley:


In fairness, though, it was less than a glass of champagne each, and we sent her to her room as soon as dinner was over. So I may not be the quite the evil genius you’re giving me credit for. I’ll be interested to see how much sleep she gets between now and Friday, though…

Oh, sheesh. I think there’s a history project I was supposed to hand in back in high school. I forgot about it… I did think of it from time to time, but I just kept putting it off. Let’s see, I’m 27 now, and I graduated when I was 18, so…

And I’m serious. The project is supposed to be about Eastern Europe.

I have the sinking feeling I failed.


My husband’s been “working on” his disertation for twelve years.

Twelve years.

And I’ve got a whole lot of downloaded X-Men comics on my hard drive that say he won’t be finished for another twelve!

Back in the mid/late 80s I was self-employed for a couple of years. I just couldn’t get myself to sit down and wade through filing taxes - so I didn’t one year. The next year, the work was twice as much. Groan, I guess I’ll pay the penalties - I want to make sure I do this right.

Started working for a company. Taxes that year are easier to file, but I can’t just file this year when the last two are delinquent, now can I?

Long story short: 10 years later (having worked again for myself for a bit) I still hadn’t done my taxes. When I finally did it, it took weeks to reorganize all the papers. I hired H&R Block. The guy’s eyes dropped when I told him he’d be filing for 10 years worth!

I wish I had done it years earlier - I received a substantial sum in refunds, even though deducted by late penalties (which I guess is why Revenue Canada had never harassed me :smiley: ) But what a relief when it was all done - phew!