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      • A friend and I were talking about breast implants (for women). Specifically, we discussed producing breast implants filled not with any liquid, but gas. We are thinking oxygen or carbon dioxide. (Oxygen should be absorbed faster, but it might react with the platic bag) Two reasons: Presumably they would leak, but the gas would be absorbed and removed by the body anyway. Over time (a period of years) the loss of gas in the bag would be noticable, but an inflation valve/hose could be placed where it wasn’t noticable and only very minor surgery is required to get access to it. - The other reason is that they wouldn’t weigh as much as liquid, which would at least partially alleviate much of the complaints about being big chested.
  • Anybody forsee any problems?

They might feel more like balloons than tits. They wouldn’t have the same “meaty” feel most of us expect.

Maybe helium for the perky look?

Nah, then the recipients would sound funny when they talk.

Uh, just a guess here but men tend to enjoy squeezing breasts. In fact, though Im not a man, the squeezing part seems to what men enjoy most about breasts. So, what woman would want her tits to explode in the middle of, say for speculation- sex? Nor, Id say, would a woman want to be “reinflated” if her tits began to sag as MC suggested could be done when the air loss became noticable. I mean, there are SOME limits to what women are willing to endure for beauty.
-Although, as a note, in Thailand there have been some scam artists who have been ripping off transvestites who want breast implants by implanting, instead, condoms filled with water, with some rather dangerous complications.

Gas filled breast implants? Bad idea. Doctors and researchers are making big advancements over silicone implants. One type is some kind of oil, corn-based I think…the point is that its a natural type of liquid that can be absorbed by the body if a leak occurs, making the risk of implants almost insignificant.

The idea behind implants is that they look, feel and move as close to the original as possible. Gas just wouldn’t cut it.
Wait… maybe that was a bad way to put that!

Great line from L.A. Story -
“You’re breasts feel weird?!”
“It’s because they’re real.”

Mastery is not perfection but a journey, and the true master must be willing to try and fail and try again

I understand that saline solution is the current favorite of doctors, not so different from the saline used to rehydrate patients.
So if any women out there are considering this procedure, I heartily encourage it!
(Oh - because it’s SAFE, yes … safe …)

Wouldn’t the gas in the implants contract or expand with any change in atmospheric pressure (for ex. climbing a mountain)?

“Watch out son, it’s going to rain today”
“How do you know, ma?”
“My boobs are sagging” Granted, this is pushing it but you get the picture :wink:

Carpe Diem!

“Come here, darling, let me give you a big hug…” BANG!!! (Damn, there goes another one…) :slight_smile:

      • This underscores our point - as we understand it, due to internal scarring augmented breasts usually don’t feel the same anyway. Under normal curcumstances implants filled with gas wouldn’t be any more likely to burst than implants filled with any liquid or gel. As to how they would move/feel, it might not make a difference. IIRC implants are placed behind the pectoral muscle, not in front of it. The gas implants wouldn’t be inflated taunt like ballons; they’d have a bit of room left, the same way saline implants aren’t completely filled with solution. How would anybody (except maybe the implantee) be able to feel the difference?
  1. weight
  2. viscosity

Corn oil gets rancid after some time…

Gas breasts? I suppose that it could be done because they have penis implants & you pump the thing up when you want to have sex.

Yeah, and then we could have variable sizes! More gas = bigger breasts, less gas = smaller breasts. Hide the valves in the nipples, pump 'em up at the gas station… :slight_smile:

Why bother looking for a gas station. Just find a friendly stranger, have him take a deep breath, open your blouse…