Tell me about burst breast implants.

So I just heard that a woman I know is in the hospital due to her implants bursting. I don’t know if it was one or both or how it happened or how bad. I’ll hear directly from her S.O. tomorrow but right now I don’t know anything other than she is in the hospital.

How serious can this be? Life threatening, permanent disfigurement, no big deal? She’s had them for about a year and I don’t know if they are saline or silicon. Do they even use silicon anymore?

I put this in IMHO since I’m sure the answer will vary widely based on individual circumstances. Anybody have an anecdote to share? I’m hoping for positive outcomes obviously.

Firstly, IANAD.

If they’re saline, then all that will have happened (in the short term) is that it will have leaked out and been fairly quickly absorbed by the body (leaving her feeling a little deflated, I’m sure) - in the longer term, I suppose complications could arise from body fluids entering the opening in the sac and sort of festering in there, out of reach of the immune system.

But (some) people quite routinely inject parts of their bodies with saline and inflate them grotesquely, but without serious adverse effect (google ‘saline infusion’ if you’re feeling brave, and are not at work), so a bit of saline leaking out of a breast implant (if that’s the type they are) isn’t going to cause any immediate serious risk.

Thanks Mangetout I’m much less worried now. No I’m not going ot look up the saline injection thing even though I’m not at work. I made the mistake of looking up the guy who injected silicon and named it ‘the blob’ when it was posted here.

I’m guessing they’ll have to be removed or replaced now right? There will be more danger in the new surgery than there was in the leak from the sound of it. I guess I’ll have to wait patiently to get the full scoop tomorrow.

A number of years ago, I did art department work for film and video. I art directed a bunch of Penthouse videos, and one of them was called “Ultimate Pet Games”. This consisted of a number of Penthouse models competing (generally naked, of course) in a series of ‘sporting events’, for which we built obstacle courses, oil wrestling rings, etc. Part of the obstacle course we built included a Slip 'n Slide, that lawn toy made up of a long sheet of plastic that you wet down and slid down on your belly. The use in a Penthouse competition video should be obvious, I think. Anyway, we ended up having to remove that portion of the obstacle course, because the Penthouse models refused to slide down it, afraid their implants would burst.

Anyway, I know this doesn’t answer your question in the least. I just like telling the story.

Well, I had one patient who had a saline implant deflate about 10 years after it was put in. No pain, no trauma, just a breast that shrank overnight, and continued to dwindle. She didn’t require hospitalization, but had new implants put in (the surgeon recommended they both be removed as he didn’t have confidence in the one that was still inflated, and said the technology had gotten better) as an outpatient. She said it was much less painful than her first implants, and she recovered more quickly.

For the record, she had no regrets about the original procedure, even with the deflation.

Penthouse Pet stories are always welcome no matter how tangentially related they may be Anamorphic. I suppose there is some unspoken Penthouse Pet rule of oil wrestling that makes potentially implant rupturing moves off limits.

A big thanks to you QtM for that anecdote. I’m even less worried now. She really liked her new bolt on twins so if they can just re-attach replacements she’ll be a happy camper again.