Silicone Implants

There’s a push to bring back silicone implants. What are the differences between saline and silicone?

(I put this in MPSIMS so people could feel [no pun intended] free to share personal experiences along with facts.)

The only ones I’ve played with are the saline ones. :smiley: They look nice and all, but they don’t feel the same as natural ones. I must say while I’m not a fan of fake boobies the effect on the owner of said breasts is remarkable. She went from a small B cup to a very full C, :eek: she is much more outgoing/confident and I can tell she feels better about herself. I think she did the right thing getting them.

Before: סּסּ
After: (o)(o)

  1. It’s been claimed that silicone implants, if they leak, can cause many bad things to happen to the body. This claim has always bothered me, since silicone (not in liquid form) has been and still is used for other types of implants, apparently without any ill effects. There has been a movement in the medical/scientific community to have the legal claims against silicione re-investigated.

  2. I naively thought that most people getting implants were mastectomy patients and the like. Then I saw the numbers. Most implant operations, by far, are cosmetic.

  3. I’m a fan of big breasts, and I certainly wouldn’t want to get in the way of anyone’s improving their self-esteem, but even I have to admit that there is something troubling in so many wiomen wanting to Blow Themselves Up to Poster Size.

I fully support the push to bring back silicone implants. I wish I’d been able to get them, as opposed to the saline implants I have. I’ve known a few women who were able to go with silicone because they met requirements for studies, etc. The difference is remarkable. Silicone doesn’t ripple the way saline does. Also, silicone feels a lot more realistic than saline implants do.

Silicone got a bad rap from scaremongers. Frankly, I raise my eyebrows at any woman who claims that she had “silicone dripping from her nipples”. Implants are not for everybody. Some people have very bad reactions to foreign items inside them. This is true of saline implants as well as silicone.

I’m very happy with my saline implants, but look forward to the day when I can replace them with silicone.

VenusProbe, its true that there’s nothing like the real thing, but I had much the same experience as your friend. I love my new figure…its nice that the top half matches the bottom half now:)

Well chemically, saline is basically Ph neutral salt water, similar to an IV or the stuff you might put in your eyes for contact lenses. Presumably it’s safer than silicone (which is some kind of plasticy goo) because it would just be absorbed by the body in the event of a leak. IANADr but I imagine that when patients have an adverse reaction, it’s to the plastic (or whatever it is) shell than the contents of the implant.
It may comfort you to know that according to the guys on that Mythbusters show, implants won’t rupture due to going on airplanes or deep-sea diving. Any pressure strong enough to break the implant would be so great that your boobs would be the least of your concerns.

How about Liquid Heroin Implants, like they showed on FX’s show Nip/Tuck.

Ripple? I would ask for a cite, but there are board rules against that, so instead I’ll ask you to describe this rippling. Do you mean instead of bouncing in a solid mass your chest turns into a wave pool or do you mean that there are actual wrinkles under your skin?

I’m happy that that you are happy with your new physique, but, to be selfish, I prefer natural, A cup or whatever, though to be fair I have never touched an augmented set (were there enough commas in that sentence?).

When I lean forward, there are actual wrinkles under my skin, generally on the outsides and under parts of the breast, where the skin is thin, and I have very little fat. If you fill a plastic baggie with water, and seal the top, you’ll see ripples in the plastic, which is exactly what my saline implants are doing. Surgeons generally overfill saline implants 10%, I believe, to try to diminish this effect. I had a very modest augmentation, 200 CC’s on one side, 225 on the other. Most women go over 350 - 400 and the rippling can get a lot worse the bigger you go.

I don’t know a single male who doesn’t prefer natural:). I know my bf does, but he was kind enough to be accepting of my decision…and he took great care of me during my recovery.

Hasn’t the American Bar Association determined that silicone implants cause cancer, arthritis, and a host of other diseases? How on earth can the silicone manufacturers be contemplating returning to thisbusiness, when they have been made to pay out billions aby a bunch of greedy lawyers?
Don’t anybody here respect “junk science” anymore?