Products that you would endorse.

Stomp Rockets for $14.95 ( available at discerning independant toy stores and possibly the DeathStar Toys R Us) you cannot beat the simplistic fun for all ages of stomping on the pillow thingie and watching a foam missle launch 10-200+ feet into the air. One of the best toys to ever come about. I cannot recommend it more for anyone with kids ages 4 and up.

(It is immensly popular with fat old men as well in the competition of whose goes farther or “what damage can I do with this?” none, it seems, other than lose the rocket on the roof. )

Well, I love my Acura Integra and I’d buy another one if I needed a new car. Better yet if I endorsed it and they gave me one!

In a simple pleasure, I can’t say enough about fart putty. It’s a little jar of stuff that you squeeze or poke to produce a very satisfying fart sound. It’s silly, it’s juvenile, it’s tacky. And ever so much fun.

However, if I were to endorse fart putty, I’d rathrr be paid in cash. :smiley:

Neutrogena hand cream. The stuff is awesome. The only thing that works on my dry skin.

BMWs, Arai helmets, Tri-Flow, Rain-X (all off the top of my head, the Arai literally)

Simply awsome products of the highest quality that perform as good or better than advertised and better than the competition. But Shoei makes a real nice helmet, too.

With Rain-X, you don’t even need wipers.

Overheard in the public restroom: “That’ll leave a skidmark all the way to the treatment plant!”

Pepperidge Farm Mint Brussels cookies. I don’t know what all the fuss over Milanos is about – they suck next to the divine pastry that is a Mint Brussels. PF is pushing the WRONG cookie!

Scarlett, who just polished off the last of a bag – 15 pieces of heaven!

Crystal deodorant. Every review I’ve ever read about this stuff says flat out it doesn’t work. But for me, it’s the only thing that does. At the end of the day, I’ll choose the lesser of two evils- smelling like armpit, or smelling like armpit and stale deodorant.

Cetaphil lotion. Hells yeah.

I love my little iPod with all my heart. I’d advertise for them for sure (except I can’t dance).

For the record, here’s a self-portrait with me and the precious. :smiley:

Knob Creek bourbon.

New! Improved! Shimmer
It’s a dessert topping, it’s a floor wax, it’s BOTH!

In the real world… Serendipity. It’s a seasoning kind of thing, for fish and poultry (it’s poultry in motion, let me tell ya!) but I’ve used it on burgers, too. Perfect for cook outs. Mmmm mmmm GOOD!

I’ll second Rain-X (Don’t use my wipers anymore either), and TiVo.

  1. Any DeWalt power tool, especially my double bevel compound mitre saw (drools)

  2. The Dremel tool.

  3. Nextel two-way radio phones/features (when not used by ignorant folks)

  4. ACDSee Photo software/photo sorting

  5. Hot Wheels

  6. Thomas the Tank Engine Videos/DVDs

  7. Mitsubishi big screen TVs

  8. Lennox heaters

  9. MagLights

  10. SDMB

That’s a pretty diverse list.

Four Seasons Hotels. Cost a fortune, but man, they work for it.

And I’ll second Knob Creek Bourbon.

I second Tivo.

Mandrake Linux
Otter Pops

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soaps–They’re all natural and tout multiple uses. It’s wonderful stuff and is the only liquid soap I use in my home. I wash my hands a lot(!) and any other soap shreads my skin. Plus, there’s no stinky, foul perfumes that last for hours. I even wash my fruits and veggies in it.

Suave shampoos–Great for my hair and cheap as dirt. What’s not to love? I also use it as an all-over body wash.

Earthlink–Rarely a problem from them!

Rugged Exposure shoes–Never heard of them before I tried them on but they turned out to be absolutly perfect for my extra-wide feet! And they still look great after nearly a year of wear.

Opera Web Browser

I can’t believe I forgot Opera.

As soon as I saw the title of this post I thought RAIN-X!

I was surprised to see that two other people already said that! The stuff is great.

Fender, Martin and Taylor Guitars.

Mesa Boogie Amplifiers.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Powers Irish Whiskey.

Mini Coopers.

Third on Tivo.

The Volkswagen Passat.

Nat Nast shirts.

The iriver IHP-120 (portable jukebox, not just an mp3 player).

Logitech MX500 optical mouse and Internet Navigator keyboard.

Simon Delivers (technically a service rather than a product, I suppose…)

And I’ll have to check out Rain-X.