What would you endorse?

Suppose that in some kind of Skaldian alternate universe, the Dope becomes the cultural sine qua non of hipness, and all of a sudden we’ve got marketing people clamoring for Dopers to endorse their products.

You can only endorse one product, and it has to be a product that you really do rely on/use regularly/think highly of. (No “I’d be happy to endorse Ferrari if they give me one.”) The payment is a lifetime supply of said product, at a normal rate of usage: weekly shipments of a food product, seasonal or annual of a clothing brand, once every five years or so for a car, etc.

To which product would you give your imprimatur?

My first thought was Diet Dr Pepper, but now that I’ve outlined the parameters of the deal I might want to think about it some more.

Lego. I use it. A lot. I think it’s pretty much the perfect toy.

If they’d actually want me to endorse it, though…

Honda. Many people in my family have Hondas, including myself and my husband. I think they’re great, reliable, comfortable cars at a very reasonable price. They have considerable resale value and last forever. I would happily endorse them.

Only 2 replies in and olives got my first idea! I love my Honda CR-V: over 10 years old with no problems in sight.

Guess now I’ll go with Sheet Music Plus - the cashback account for teachers is helping me get my piano studio going, and I buy a lot of things there for myself, too. Lots to choose from, site is well-organized and the themed sales are always fun, and the books get to me quickly. Free concert-level books for my lessons each semester/year or things for my students would be great.

My initial thoughts are cash…assuming the US Mint is in on the game…or gas.
There is serious money in not paying for gas.

I’d have to give a shout out to Honda. I love my Civic, and I loved my Accord before that.

But the product I would have to endorse is Mountain Dew. I could easily go through a couple of cases a week if I wasn’t paying for it.

New Balance Shoes. I am wide-footed and their shoes are always true to size, comfortable and long-lived. And reasonably priced for the quality.

I was sitting around with two friends, a married couple, and observed aloud that all three of us were wearing New Balance shoes, kicking off a several minute conversation that was exactly like the fakey kind of brand praise I always think sounds so unrealistic in ads.
Or Doritos. So Good You Don’t Care If They’re Shortening Your Life Because Any Life Would Be Too Long Without Them.

Pepsi Throwback. I love those things.

Turkish pistachios.

I’d endorse everything from my running shoes to my GMC Sierra. I use them. I enjoy them and would enjoy them more if free. I doubt whether my endorsement would mean anything to anybody except a slight amount for the running shoes.


I’d like to endorse my kids’ daycare facility. The teachers are nice, the building is modern and clean, and I could really use the free $2k/month.

My first thought was Johnnie Walker Black Label but I think a free supply could be a little dangerous to my health, so I’ll opt instead for (beef) tenderloin steak.

Probably diet pepsi. I do drink an awful lot of that stuff.

I would like to endorse my local veterinary clinic, please.

Jif peanut butter.

Some airline. Even better, a global airline alliance. There’s nothing better than free air travel.


A lifetime supply would be pretty much meaningless as they last forever, but I really believe in the company.

Mountain Hard Wear. I can think of more noble causes, but single payer health care isn’t exactly a product.

The products of Anchor Brewery.