Profanity: What are the best five unusual curses, (cuss-words)?

Profanity: What are the best five unusual curses,( cuss-words)?
I just learned fucktard here on the sdmb. I like it alot. I’d like to have more ignorance abolished.
Please post your five, (or so), cursing words or phrases that are unusual. By unusual I mean besides the ones in George Carlin’s famous skit. You know, ones I may not have heard of, like fucktard.

Otter sniffing cum guzzler?


I predict this goat felcher of a thread is pit bound…


[sub]so sorry. I couldn’t resist![/sub]





?I might be all out for now?

I like to give equal time and substitute “cuntlapper” for “cocksucker” when I remember to do so.

Other than that, I tend to string stuff together, “You God-damned cock sucking mother fucking piece of shit son of a bitch bastard!”, like that.

If you want to go all time all cultures, probably “incestuous kinslaying oathbreaker”, but religion sex and excrement are the foundations of the Western canon of cursing.

I’ve experimented with other languages, but aside from the cultural problems (“Why did you just say “tabernacle”?”) there is something about the short hard sharp feel of the Anglo-Saxon stuff that just fits. I mean, “Leche moi le cul, typette”, or “Me caga in (la? el?) puta de su madre” are great imagery but the words just flow together too well for my tastes. Russian’s pretty good overall, but French, Spanish, Italian, they’re all too musical.

Apparently I’ve given this way too much thought over the years.

For some reason I have taken to loudly commanding “Silence Hermaphrodite!”. Although it may not be relevant it sure startles the other party into a stunned/confused silence.

Well, not one word, not even five, but people who really piss me off get a nice sentence I got off the Alternative Dictionaries Online, usually in the original Afrikaans. It translates to “stick your head in a cow’s vagina and wait until the bull fucks you in the ass”.

I also use “Perkele” (Finnish) and “chyort vozmi” (Russian) quite a lot for general expletives. I usually just stick to Swedish, though.

my favorites are:
Man craver
and waiter

One I made up…mofutisu. Short for MOther FUcker TItty SUcker

one of the best languages to swear in is afrikaans:
poes : cunt
slet : slut
hoer : whore
moeder-fokker : mother-fucker:

when someone cuts in front of you on the road, string 'em all together with appropriate hand gestures and you actually feel much betta :wink:

calling someone fart-knocker sends my MIL into a fit of giggles too
swearing is sooooo much fun lol

In rapid succession when something goes wrong –

Shit Fuck Fire

Fucko off!

Fucknut. Slunt. Shitlick.

Being Finnish, I tend to appreciate “Vittusaatana” (‘cuntsatan’).

I’m using “cocksmooch” alot lately…I find it very satisfying.
I think I just channeled Kay-Kay. She says hi.


I’d say Ass Pickle. Don’t know what it means, I just blurted it out one day.

My father once called a TV announcer a “fuckbubble.” I like that one. And I love my dad, he’s awesome. :slight_smile:

Other than that… I can’t really think of much. I do use “fucktard” a lot, though.

Oh, I have on occasion told someone to “lick my scrotum.” I’m female, so this just confuses the hell out of them while I walk away.


I think Spanish provides fulfilling swears - ‘pinche cabron’ is great, and joder and all its permutations - que te jodas, with the throaty ‘j’…tis a thing of beauty. Plus, you’ve got the literally dozens of expression about cojones (they’re square, cold, blue, bigger than El Cid’s…)