Professional Edition?

To avoid the trick-or-treaters this evening I hopped down to the mall to grab dinner from the food court. Later, I wandered through the software store there and noticed:
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000

Professional Edition
Professional Edition? Professional Edition? OK, I can see (maybe) a professional edition of a productivity package like a word processor, something that may have features useful for an office that aren’t needed for a game. But, Flight Simulator? I could see a “Gold Edition” or an “Enhanced Edition” or even a “We added two features that should have been in the original so we can charge $20 extra Edition”, but why call it a Professional Edition?

I work for an airline and I can assure you we aren’t planning on replacing the pilot training simulators with M$ Flight Simulator anytime soon. What were they thinking?

(Yeah, I know. It’s meaningless. But, that’s what the topic’s for, right?)

“Drink your coffee! Remember, there are people sleeping in China.”

Dennis Matheson —
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Make that “…that aren’t needed by a home user.” That’ll teach me to post after my third beer.

Maybe it’s for people who want to be a professional pilot?

:: shrugs ::

Yer pal,