Professions that Marry Well (literally)?

What fields are you and your SO in?

Dh - Research Scientist
Me - Artist

(When he was in grad school I was surprised that 4 of the 5 married couples in his lab were also scientist/artist pairings)

When I used to go contra dancing, I was always surprised at the number of scientist/therapist pairings. Another good combination is bimbo/mogul :slight_smile: .

We’re not married, but my SO is a system administrator and I’m a technical writer/editor.

I know a little more about his kind of work than he does about mine, but we’re both in IT so we have a good basis upon which to discuss each other’s jobs/careers. It’s easier for me to talk to him about work than it was to talk to my last boyfriend, who was an accountant in a completely different industry.

Me: Geologist/environmental consulting
Him: Hydrogeologist for a county agency

I’m a lawyer, and so is she. Or is it the other way around?
Our kids have no chance.

Me: Teacher

Her: Nurse

It works out. :smiley:

I almost jumped in on that other thread you lawyers are doing – I traveled through Europe with a (future) lawyer when we were 20. Fought for SIX WEEKS! I always tell people “never travel with a lawyer!”. Of course he probably says “never travel with an artist” :smiley: :smack: . He’s actually doing some awesome stuff these days, I’m quite delighted to have known him.

Who is one supposed to marry if one is both technical and artistic?

Me: Bleeding-heart hippie lawyer
Him: Telecommunications software enterpreneur

Me: business analyst/software developer
Her: baker/event promoter

It’s … interesting, at times. :slight_smile:

Quite a few of my male civil engineer colleagues are married to teachers or nurses. That seems to be a good fit.

I also have the aquaintance of several lawyer/lawyer pairs.

Me: Civil Engineer (Hydrologist)
Him: Diesel Mechanic

It works for us. :slight_smile:

GF - Rates bonds for mortgage-backed securities
Me - Management and litigation consulting firm that investigates corporate fraud

Me: Medical research career/nursing student
Him: Writer (of novels and plays)

It works out, in a twisted way. We do have some artist/scientist disagreements and differences, though. And we tease each other a lot.

Me- Physics Major (looking for a career in research science)
My fiancee- Double Major in Classics/History (future Latin teacher)

Me: SysAdmin
Her: Therapist

Duplicate post.

Me: nurse switching to librarian
Him: accountant/CFO

Our professions aren’t the issue. It’s been a good combination for parenting.

Me: Student now, but in the computer field, working to do Database Administration of some sort

Her: Physical Therapist.

Seems a good pick for me anyway. :wink:

Me: Lawyer (private litigation) with side interest in government
Her: Teacher - Social Sciences

Me: Paralegal
Her: Account Manager

In both of our cases, however, our jobs involve a great deal more technical/computer savvy than our titles would indicate. We are the perfect geek couple.