Profile question pt. 18

In my profile summary, what does “__d read time” and “__d recent read time” mean?


It’s how many days you’ve spent reading the SDMB.

Recent read time, I believe, is in the past 60 days.

It’s stored in RECENT_TIME_READ_THRESHOLD, which leads me to believe that it’s settable, but it appears that the default is indeed the 60 days as noted by @GreysonCarlisle. I’m betting that the powers that be haven’t changed that for here.

It doesn’t seem accurate.

Thanks for responses.

It shows you have 4 days of recent read time, which would be about 1.6 hours per day on average for the past 60 days. That doesn’t seem accurate to you?

I’m pretty sure the total read time is just since the transition, unless it was a value that was stored in vBulletin.

I’d say I’m here more hours than that. I visit while I’m on my exercise bike (10-20 miles daily), and at least several more times a day.