Project Runway, 10/1

Please, God, let Kenley be Auf’d. She’s so cute, but has the personality of a piranha.

Another copout. IMHO they kept her on for audience interest at the behest of the producers.

Agreed. By the end of the episode, it was almost like, “She’s got attitude, she’s so rude - isn’t she just the CUTEST thing?” :rolleyes:

I am SO sick of Kenley. However, I agree with the judges that none of the gowns were the finest effort of the designers.

I am looking forward to seeing the designers in their “natural habitat”. Tim on a bike? Outstanding.

Especially when after the judges seemingly interrupted themselves while cirticizing her to say something to the effect of, “But her clothes are interesting! I’d love to see what she’d do for Bryant Park!”

Oh, puh-leeeeeeease.

And the “Oh poor me, I had to live on a boat half my life, I’ve had to fight for so much” is NO EXCUSE for being a negative, nasty, critical bitch. I teach in an area where just last year one of our former students was shot and killed when gang members mistook him for his older brother, a current student was grazed in a drive-by (her companion was killed), and one of my former students was on life support for months after a lunatic shot and killed his mother and 4yro sister. These kids know what “fight for my life” really means, and none of the ones I know are as thoroughly repulsive in attitude as Kenley is. She’s just a spoiled rotten brat, not a hard-luck case.

As a coworker/friend says: It’s time to put on your big girl panties and grow up!

It felt so tacked on. “All her clothes have been horrid, disgusting, grotesque…but she’s a character! I want to see more…hideous…fish dresses.”

She’s got no business being there but for the fact it’s “drama.”

ETA: And what was with her blaming Leann for her last outfit being in the bottom two?

Yeah, the “oh poor me” excuse is especially rich when at least one of your fellow competitors (I’m thinking of Korto) actually has had a tough life.

Speaking of Kenley’s oblivious hilarity, did anyone catch her complaining about Leanne and Jerell being one-trick ponies? Bitch, please. Likewise, when Jerell was saying on the runway that we’d seen Kenley’s silhouettes before and she was shaking her head in disagreement and disgust? Girl, your entire style is low-end, tacky '50s and you know it. You can’t both embrace retro fashion and claim that you are doing something no one else has ever done before. Seriously.

Booo! This was just badly done. Pick three people and just move on. Auf Kenley the Whiny and get it over with.

I was very disappointed with the final dresses. This was not a difficult challenge. Most of them were very meh to me. They had a reasonable amount of time and very controllable parameters. The final results were from all were all very underwhelming.

I remember the last challenge always being kind of meh in terms of results. At this point, all the designers are so nerve-wracked and worn out from lack of sleep, I’m not surprised that there aren’t any home runs.

My prediction (and I hope I’m wrong): Jerell, after winning this challenge, is auf next week. What is the point of having someone win this week only to put him back in jeopardy again? The point of this challenge was supposed to be to decide who goes to Bryant Park. The winner of the challenge at least should be safe. For that matter, so should the #2, Leanne. If they MUST drag shit out like they did last season and every other freakin’ season with some gimmick, at least make it a fair-minded one.

Yeah, they did the same thing last season with Chris March and Rami having a “dress-off” for the third spot, I don’t know why they didn’t say that Kenley and Korto would go head to head for the third spot. It’s like they want to give her even more chances to make the top 3. And yeah, that whole bit about how horrid her dress was and how rude she was and how one-note she was but “I’d like to see what she can do at Bryant Park” was hooey.

Morticia Addams.

At the beginning when she said she couldn’t figure out why she was always left out, did anyone else want to raise their hand and say “I know. I know why! Ask me!” The dress sucked, she should have been Auf’d. I have no clue why they kept making excuses for her. She hasn’t earned them. No one else has had that much forgiveness after the runway show. Why her? Her dresses are not good.

Kenley made a mermaid costume. That’s all it was. And she can’t understand why she’s always on the outside looking in? Look into yourself, Kenley. Look at your behavior and you’ll see why no one likes you.


I did! I did! I keep thinking I should sympathize with Kenley, since I’ve been an outsider and I take pride in being tough. Here’s the lesson she hasn’t learned yet: you can be strong and tough without being rude and obnoxious. Treating people decently isn’t a sign of weakness.

Last night, the ad asked if we’d have given Kenley tulle if we had some. A better question might have been would she have given someone else her tulle if they’d forgotten it. I like Kenley at first and I’ve liked a lot of her designs. I have a weakness for her sort of 40s aesthetic. It’s not just that she thinks she’s the best designer there – I suspect down deep Jerrell, Korto, and Leanne think the same thing. You wouldn’t go on the show if you thought you didn’t have a chance of winning and making it so far just reinforces that opinion. However, the other three aren’t making a big deal of their superiority or denigrate the people around her.

When Heidi said she was going to ask all four designers the same questions and asked Jerrell which other two people should go to Bryant Park with him, I felt sorry for Kenley because it was obvious what she was going to hear. The poor thing brought it on herself, though, and I don’t know if there’s anyone around who could give her a reality check.

By the way, am I the only one who liked Korto’s dress the most? I’d rank them Korto, Leanne, Jerrell, Kenley, but the fish scales didn’t work for me. I really thought Kenley’d excel in this challenge. It seemed as completely her sort of thing as last week’s hip hop outfit seemed out of her range. I even wondered if it was a fix to keep her in. Instead, she did do something I never thought she’d do, and it didn’t work. I also would have left the belt off because it interupted the line of her dress, but then again, what do I know?

Doesn’t the “we can’t pick so all 4 of you will come back” have to do with the timing and the fact by now fashion week is over. Don’t 4 or 5 show every season so the “surprise” isn’t spoiled?

Kenley’s dress looked like a costume from the Sonny & Cher Variety Hour. At least it wasn’t a giant graphic floral print. As ridiculous dresses go it related very well to her inspiration photo in terms of color.

I kept wondering if the color on my TV is off because Jerell’s dress, while pretty, seemed much darker and duller than the colors in his inspiration photo. There are also a lot of times where tehy all talk about blue and I see purple, or vice versa.

Why couldn’t they use the same cameras from the NYC challenge?

The judges theoretically don’t see all the behind-the-scenes stuff, so they don’t know how bitchy Kenley really is. They just see her obnox attitude on the runway, which is over the top anyhow.

But I agree that all four of the dresses were highly flawed. And they’re supposed to be judging on the work, not on the personality.

It does suck that they didn’t just do a face-off between the two, rather than put the winner in jeopardy as well. It goes along with Heidi saying that Jerrell won “just barely” – they didn’t think any of the four dresses were really winners.

No, they already had six people showing–Suede and Joe also showed in addition to Korto, Kenley, Jerell and Leanne. So they could have had a final three and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

My incredibly shallow statement: Kenley walks like a sailor. A drunken male sailor.

Jerell’s dress looked like it was slowly creeping down the model. Leanne had ruffles! (Eek!) Korto’s looked like a weird bridesmaid dress. Kenley’s looked like something Ursula would wear on The Little Mermaid.

Ick to all of them.

And boo for not making a decision.

And yay for Tim on a tandem bike (I think).

I think all the dresses had flaws but Kenley’s had the most. The fabric was just wrong, a mermaid dress is not at all unique or special and the belt was distracting. She seems to have to throw ugly or out of place belts on everything. However, the construction was actually good and if she had just gone with different fabrics and changed the bottom a little bit she might have pulled it off.

The flaws the others had could possibly have been corrected with a little more time to work on the outfit. Kenley’s would have to have been started over to make it work. I don’t know why they couldn’t decide based on how much was wrong with each outfit. Actually, I think that was the problem, they just wanted to drag out the Kenley drama.

They have to have someone who is a PITA in order to keep the tension going. Previous examples include Wendy Pepper, Santino Rice, Jeffrey (who could actually design, though!). Kenley should give herself a PITA party. When she stayed last week instead of Suede, who can design more than one look and actually has a personality… ooo.

That was my under-the-breath chant during the entire episode.

I’d like to think she will have learned something from watching herself during these airings, but unfortunately my gut feeling is that she’s as clueless as my Bossy Coworker as far as general behavior is concerned.