Project Runway 10/8

What’d you guys think?

Kind of obvious that Kenley was going to be in, but Jerell’s looks were looking very…garish.

It did seem a bit unfair that they were judging on the bridesmaid/bride combo, not on the whole collection, but then again, maybe they did take that into account, but they just didn’t show that?

I thought Korto’s look was the worst, actually. Didn’t like it at ALL, though I normally like her work.

Leanne was the clear winner here, and if it’s any indication of her overall quality, she’s the winner IMO.

Why did Kenley not have Tim visit with any family and friends? She was the only one where he only talked to her, and his visit with her was very short. It seems like everyone, including the judges, was tripping over themselves to praise her and be nice to her. Her wedding dress was cool, but the bridesmaid’s dress was pretty cliche.

Does anyone have a link to the Alexander McQueen dress Kors likened Kenley’s wedding dress to?

I don’t have a link to it either, but I’d definitely like to see it.

I was also wondering about Kenley’s visit with Tim…it felt very abbrievated. Though I was kind of grateful, since they were getting a bit boring after a while. Doesn’t look like they’re doing a reunion either. Project Run Gay did their own mock reunion on the blog. Anyone know why they decided not to do the reunion?

My guess is because she’s scared them all away, if she’s as rude, arrogant and bitchy to them as she was on the show. Although, I still can’t help but like her.

I think Leanne will take the cake.

Jerell also got the AUF! edit: disregarding Tim’s advice, saying a bridesmaid dress is supposed to be ugly, not changing what was critiqued before. Korto was meh wedding-dress wise, but I think her history is more consistent and clean than Jerrell’s.

Didn’t notice that we had no “Meet the people in my life!” thingy with Kenley. Might be time edit, might be she has no friends.

Leanne is the fav to win, I do believe.

Here is a McQueen dress with a similar silhouette to Kenley’s, with the underskirt showing and all. Not sure if this is specifically the one Kors is referring to, but it is similar. Not identical, but McQueen does have a lot of feather dresses in this collection, and she very likely saw them.

Kenley, derivative? No way. :rolleyes: She wasn’t going for McQueen, Heidi!

I thought Leeann’s dresses were amazing. Absolutely beautiful and certainly her. She grew a lot through the process of the show. The bridesmaid dress did not look thrown together at all and perfectly fit in with her collection colors as well as complimenting the wedding dress. The whole task was extremely well done on her part.

I have consistently hated Kenley for a while, but her dresses were certainly better than Korto’s or Jerell’s. I cant find the dress that Michael is talking about. I find a several silloettes which remind me of Kenley’s dress, but not with feathers. The feather dress I find looks more like an olive green baby doll dress with a feather trim bottom to it. I did catch one video of a red feather dress that maybe the one he is talking about. What I thought of when I saw her dress was “Swan Lake.”

Unfortunately all four of the dresses by those Korto and Jerell had wtf were they thinking written all over them. Jerell lost his edit button away from the critiques. The wedding dress was over the top, ugly and had these weird bulges of fabric all over. The bride’s maid dress was just badly constructed and sloppy looking. I usually love Korto’s stuff, but her consistent weakness is color choice. Who the hell gets married in taupe. It is a poor color choice for most skin tones, and kind of just looked dirty from all the handling putting that many pleats, ruching and stuff in the dress. Not to mention, when you make a 5’11" 110 lb model look dumpy, you have a really bad silhouette.

I think that is the one. Color is the same, shape is the same, all it misses is the tutu.

That was my thought about Korto’s dress, too–if the model looks dumpy, anyone normal will look hideous. I hate the stuff she designs for herself, too (at least I assume she designs it). The zebra dress was flattering, but everything else has been awful. She has a difficult, extremely pear-shaped body, but still…

Loved Leann’s dresses. Loved, loved, loved.

I love Leann’s dresses. The bridesmaid dress clearly tied into the wedding gown without being a clone. The architectural detail/wave theme was clear. The colours were great.

I hate to say it, but I liked Kenley’s wedding dress. However, to me it looked like a ballet costume. Her bridesmaid dress didn’t seem to be anything but a dress to me. Our Lady of Perpetual Whining complained that the others stole her look because their dresses were short, too.

Korto wanted ethnic, and ethnic is what she gave, but it didn’t do anything for me. Was her bride carrying a pineapple? I’m surprised she didn’t have her come down the runway in bare feet. And the bridesmaid dress the same color as the wedding dress? That’s just dumb.

Jerrell needs an editor, since he obviously can’t self-edit.

And I just want to say (again) how much I love Tim Gunn. The man has so much style and class and humanity, he’s just great. And he understands budgetting. I think we need Tim Gunn for President. The country would be much more fabulous.


OMG, that’s like the SAME dress! :eek: And she says she doesn’t look at collections! What a crock.

In spite of the fact that I didn’t like Jerrell’s dresses for last night’s competition, I think he got royally screwed. He won the final challenge that was supposed to determine the three going to Bryant Park last week, but because the producers didn’t want to get rid of Kenley, he ends up out.

Korto also didn’t do well with the bride’s and bridesmaid’s dresses, but I’m looking forward to seeing her collection. The preview showed a lot of color that could be great.

Leanne is ahead of everyone else in terms of design and construction, but I’m worried that her palette is too limited. The collection we saw was basically only two colors.

I liked some of Kenley’s stuff, particularly the hand painted silk, but I don’t know if she’ll have enough variety of style. Of course, I don’t think she should even be her at this point.

I’ve looked at a lot of wedding dresses during the past year. While I’m no good at telling designers apart, I saw a lot of dresses which were similar in shape to Kenley’s and a lot with feathers on them. Some of them looked like they were the result of horrible accidents in pillow factories!:eek:

That said, when I found out what the challenge was, I expected Kenley to do well in it and her look wasn’t bad, although it did fit in with what I took to calling the “white, strapless monstrosity” genre. Her bridesmaid’s dress struck me as uncomfortably short, but I may be an old fogy. I like Jerrell and he seems to me like a genuinely nice guy, but I didn’t like his comment, “Bridesmaid’s dresses are supposed to be ugly.” I hope the only people who think that are shallow women who are afraid of being outshone. I can’t fathom deliberately making my friends wear ugly clothes.

If I were to put my tinfoil hat on, I’d say the last two challenges were deliberately set up to keep Kenley in the competition, especially after the hip hop fiasco, and it worked.

I agree that Jerrell got screwed; he DID win the last contest, which should have put him in the finalists.

Based on personality, I’d have loved to see Kenley go. However, her designs were clearly better than Jerrell or Korto. Sigh.

You aren’t the only one. The guys on Project Rungay feel quite the same way as you, to be honest. They said it was unfair that Jerell had to go because he won the last challenge. Though he did badly on the wedding dress, the fact that there even was a wedding dress challenge was pretty unfair. Sometimes they just know who they want to be in the final 3, and they really don’t care about actual raw talent.

Here’s another picture of an Alexander McQueen.

Honestly, I like Kenley’s better. The hem of McQueen’s looks like a table cloth at my house after kitty cat playtime.

I like Leanne’s bridesmaid dress even more than her wedding dress. I’d be curious to see it in person. I wonder if the fabric is lighter than I imagine it from seeing it on TV. The wave flap things seem like something the bride would have to stay constantly aware of throughout her wedding day.

Jerrell does seem like a genuinely nice guy, and he was pretty much screwed over by this final challenge. But I never liked his stuff at all and am a big fan of Kenley’s designs, so I can’t say as I really care.

Yeah, her dress did look similar to the McQueen, but so what? Lots of PR designers wind up doing stuff that’s derivative of other designers in some way or another. It’s not an exact replica like Marla’s Chloe dress in season 2, so I really don’t see that it’s that big a deal.

Leanne really knocked this one out of the park, and I’ll be very surprised if she doesn’t win it all. I liked Kenley’s collection more, but I think the judges will go for Leanne’s.

I haven’t been a huge Leanne fan throughout the season, but I am on board with the consensus - this week, she nailed it.

I hated Jorell’s designs, but Kenley should have been cut for the comment that she doesn’t look at other designers. What kind of a professional designer doesn’t stay abreast of the field. Yuck.


Completely agree.

I also thought that, in getting rid of Jerrell this week, they must have taken the overall collection into account, because while i thought Korto’s wedding/bridal dress combo was worse than Jerrell’s, i also thought that her total collection looked considerably better, at least from the glimpses we got on the show. I haven’t gone online to view the full collections.

About Kenley…she’s even worse when she’s reacting to praise than when she’s reacting to negativity. Just so snotty, gah!