Project Runway 9/24 [Spoilers]

What did we think this episode, poppets?

Kenley doesn’t know her ass from her elbow if she seriously thought that was hip hop.

Glad Suede finally left.

Did anyone else think Jerrell really should’ve won? Korto’s was awesome, too, but…Jerell really nailed it, IMHO.

I’m willing to say it was a toss-up between Korto & Jerrell; I think Korto got it because (as Jerrell pointed out) three wins in a row would be a real coup.

However, as much as I think Suede deserved to go, I would have been happy to bitch-slap Kenley around for a while, for sure. Rude to Tim, arguing with Nina, playing “misunderstood designer” martyr. Ugh. I hope the stuff I heard in some blogs is not true, because she needs to GO.

I did love seeing them all done up in hair and makeup, though. That was a riot!

Next week’s looks really good, though, based on the trailer.

I really think Kenley should be gone. The pants had that “thing in the crotch” thing going on that got Stella sent home. She is a one note wonder, way worse than Rami’s thing with draping last season. Face it, those pants were 1950s pants, not by any stretch of the imagination Hip Hop. Add to that, she is rude, and generally unpleasant. Suede’s design wasn’t inspiring but it wasn’t even close to as colossally bad as Kenley’s.

As much as I have always hated Suede, I was shocked and dismayed that Kenley didn’t get bounced today. (Parenthetically, I will say that she looked really hot as the pop star chick.) Not only was her outfit dreadful and not at all hip-hop, it was badly constructed. Suede’s was merely boring.

Leanne’s country outfit was eh, but not nearly as bad as the bottom two.

I preferred Jerrell’s outfit over Korto’s but that may be because of the model, rather than an objective consideration of their respective objective merits. Still, both worked very well, and I can’t fault the judges choices.

Next week I have every expectation of Kenley being sent packing, with the final a toss up between Jerrell, Korto and Leanne.

Okay - here’s my thing about Kenley.

What the hell with blaming Leanne for not “carrying it off.”

First of all - if you know that your model can’t carry off the look you are going for - then you have to adapt for your model. She wanted to do what she wanted to do - Leanne’s figure and personality be damned.

She could have totally given Leanne some kick-ass sunglasses to hide behind, a more form fitting halter top style shirt - a cute mini over those jeans, and then maybe she could have pulled it off.

And what was with that hair and make-up? Did she forget that Suede was punk rock, not Leanne?

Finally, if you know that you suck at pants and people have been given grief for bad pants - DON’T MAKE PANTS!!

I thought Kenley was cute and funny at first - but it did really piss me off that she was mean to Tim. It will be interesting to see how that is addressed at the reunion show.

And who didn’t giggle at Leanne’s rap? It was almost as entertaining to me as when she played the Mati Hari spy. She’s a yummy little nerdling - and my current favorite.

Yeah, agreed on that for sure. No one could have carried that off, for one thing. And there was really nothing that would have made up for the suckitutde that was that outfit. She really needed to own up to that.

Leanne’s a lot of fun to watch, though, for sure. I’m hoping they boot Kenley soon. She really isn’t talented enough to be here at this point. And she’s so, so snotty.

I was waiting for Michael Kors to say to Kenley, “The crotch on those pants is insane!” Not that I have any love for Suede, but the pants he made actually fit (maybe too well-- Jerell no longer has any secrets). His outfit was OK and the criticisms seemed a bit trumped up. Kenley’s was obviously the worst outfit on the runway. They are keeping her for drama, which is fine, I just hope next week is the end for her. She will go into the PRW Hall of Fame for Asshole of the Season. Hope she likes it in there with Wendy Pepper and Jeffrey Sebelia.

Agree that Jerell should have won. Kenley looked HOT. The dress was risky but it worked. I liked Korto’s pants, but the top made Suede look a bit schlumpy to me, and the chains were kind of cliche.

Right? He needed a “hide the candy” belt.

My boyfriend was mad that Kenley didn’t go, but this was the first episode he’s seen so that’s to be understood. And what was that sickening tagline that Suede threw out there? “I’m going to dress you all in Suede”? Yuck.

I’m not a big fan of Suede, but I thought his outfit was much better than he was given credit for. It felt like the judges wanted glam rock or something. And Kenley sucked. She sucked! Bah.

Terminus Est says that, yes, Kenley looked totally totally hot in Jerell’s outfit, but she should have been Auf’d for making an outfit almost, but not completely, unlike hip-hop. Terminus Est thinks that the producer fix is on.

Oh - I do think Korto needed a groan and a begrudging nod for dressing Suede in suede.

Or should I say, “Mel thinks Korto needs . . .”

I will miss that about Suede - it was so . . .Suede-ilicious!

And what’s with Kenley always laughing on stage??

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I think it sucks that Leanne picking that new model made her original one cry - and then they ended up not using the models! They should have waited another week, then Leanne wouldn’t have “stolen” anyone’s models - Suede would have already been gone. But y’know that girl would have cried anyway. You could tell Leanne felt like crap about that.

Damn - you beat **Mel **to it!

However, I do think part of the reason why they kept Kenley is because Suede has consistently been in the bottom recently and Kenley hasn’t.

Kenley completely missed the mark on the style, plus the pants were badly made, plus she’s a one-note wonder (prints again and '50’s style pants), plus she sassed Tim and the judges. Suede was just boring. I think that decision just makes it obvious that they often pick for the drama factor. People love to hate Kenley so she gets a pass. But I’ll give her this, she is really hot without that goofy old-fashioned hairdo and overdone red lipstick. Just as long as she doesn’t open her mouth.

I felt bad for Suede. There’s been other times he deserved to go but this time wasn’t one of them.

LeeAnn is still my favorite. She tried to sell Kenley’s monstrosity but it’s just hard to be gangsta while carrying a purse. Why the hell did she give her a purse?

The previews for next week show everyone crying and Kenley sassing Heidi. I sure hope that means she’s doomed but knowing how this works, she probably won’t be.

She was pretty adorable, too, as much as Kenley tried to give her grief over it.

Are you kidding me?

Suede’s was kind of dull - but Kenley’s was awful. Just plain awful. How on earth is she still up there after that distaster. The pants were awful. The shirt was ugly. The whole look was just wrong. I can see a rock & roll person in Suede’s outfit (hell - sometimes they show up in jeans & a t-shirt). No one with eyes would ever put on that thing that Kenley designed. No one could have pulled that thing off.

(Plus, Suede sold the hell out of Korto’s outfit. She owes him for that).

Kenley makes my slappin’ hand itch in a way Wendy Pepper and Jeffrey Sebelia could never have dreamed of. Bitch, you are twenty five years old. That is way too old for this incessant “tragically misunderstood” crap, and way too young to stand up there and try to convince Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, and Michael Kors that you know more than they do about fashion.

Plus, that outfit suuuuuuuuuucked. I get that she was going for a Kimora/Baby Phat thing, but she failed utterly to pull it off. Own it, honey. For once, sit down, shut up, have a coke and a smile, and stop acting like everyone owes you a tongue bath.

Diana agrees that her body of work is better than Suede’s, but not by much. Also, Diana grew quite fond of Suede, if a bit grudingly.

Jerrell’s outfit was best, but I’m okay with Korto’s win, she did some very nice work on those pants.

I love Jerrell, but I want to buy him a real shirt. He’s even more in love with his bony sternum than Laura was.

Ain’t that the truth. What a little pipsqueak she is. The way she keeps saying “what does Tim know, anyway?” makes me want to give her a time out.

There’s a lovely group. If I were ever to go on PR myself, I would cut this out and carry it in my wallet, as a reminder of whose company I do not want to be in.

I agree with this. I think skinny jeans on guys is a very rock 'n roll look. Maybe getting a little too much into the punk territory that Korto was doing, but still pretty much a classic.

No one that puts down Tim stays very long on the show, this is another thing that irks me about her.

Re: her body of work compared to Suede’s. Well, didn’t Kelly get booted after having won one and never having been in the bottom? In some cases when the errors with the outfit are almost equal, the body of work should have some sway (as in Stella’s auffing, versus Joe) but when one outfit misses the mark so completely (style, construction, not fitting the challenge, one-noteness) versus an outfit that was otherwise okay, just a little blah, then body of work should have nothing to do with the decision. In this case it really looks like she got by on the basis of her body of bitchiness.

The person with whom I discuss PR in person has a theory that the stress of competition is driving Kenley more and more crazy. I think the theory holds water.

I was not a Kenley fan at the beginning, then she started to win me over a little bit when it seemed she had a distinct point of view and was willing to defend it. The wheels came off the wagon in the 5th or 6th week, whenever she started just being beligerent. “Yes it’s hip-hop Tim. It looks like grafitti!” Where does Kenley live that taggers are covering buildings and train cars with giant hibiscus? I’m as middleaged whitebread uncool as a person can be and I could make a more hip hop appropriate outfit than that.

If I were judging this challenge I would’ve sent Kenley home for what Heidi called (I think) "the least flattering pants I’ve ever seen"and simply not answering the challenge, before Suede for not pushing it far enough. While not surprising, Suede’s seemed better constructed and fitted. I could imagine Tommy Lee wearing Suede’s outfit. Granted, I don’t think of Tommy Lee as particularly fashion forward. The sketch at the beginning scared me, I thought Suede was going to give us Jerelvis in a bejeweled high collared cape.

And what about the preview of nextweek? EVERYONE is crying on the runway.

I think Kenley had a tough challenge. Incorporating her personal style into hip-hop and avoiding cliche was a tough needle to thread, since hip-hop couldn’t be further from her personal style or her model’s. It’s hard to picture the outfit she could have made that would have pulled it off. Still, her pants were ugly, and she was a total twit about the whole thing, and she really should have gone home.

I think Suede might have been caught in the generation gap. “Rock and roll” means a lot of things to a lot of people, and anyone under 30 doesn’t really remember the days when rock was all about excess and leather and huge hair and flashiness. That seemed like what the judges wanted. His outfit wasn’t a winner, by any means, but it looked like something a modern-day rock star might wear.

(And I disagree with Heidi–he didn’t look like Jerrell at all, because he wasn’t dressed like a wood sprite.)