Project Runway 9/24 [Spoilers]

I think all the crying in the preview for next week was: one person (Kenley, hopefully) crying for getting kicked off, the rest crying for going to Bryant Park. I have a hard time believing that they all sucked so hard they are crying from criticism.

I have to admit, I had kinda been rooting for Kenley before last night. Her stuff was always clearly hers, and usually somewhat cute. However, not only was that outfit perhaps the least flattering thing I’ve ever seen on the show, but she didn’t seem to have any idea it was awful. I think there might have been a little voice in the back of her head saying “This sucks, you know it does…”, as she was very hesitant when assigned the genre and expressed some anxiety when she realized the guest judge was hip hop. Somewhere along the line she made the decision that any uncertainty must be covered by bravado, hence the rudeness and blindness.

Did anyone else notice Suede looking a little worse for the wear in some of the shots (like he hadn’t slept in a very long time)?

Suede’s actually 37. I was a bit surprised when I realized he was quite a bit older.

Kenley also was looking a bit worse for the wear when they had a shot of her right before putting on her face.

See, I don’t think that Kenley was so incredibly off the mark that her outfit made no sense at all. I can kind of see where she was coming from.

The high-waisted, slim jeans could have worked if the jeans had been made well and paired with some chunky sneakers and a completely different top and larger jacket or hoodie. I think she was going for sort of a Lil’ Mama, Kelis, or Ciara sort of look, and the high-waisted jean could actually work there while still being recognizably “Kenley.”

I don’t even necessarily disagree with Kenley that the idea of hip-hop clothing as all oversized (for women) is a bit outdated, although she was of course an immature, rude brat when it came to articulating her ideas. I can also see how she would be afraid of creating something that came off looking costume-y.

Of course, the top (that fabric!), jacket, shoes, and jewelry were complete missteps. I’m not saying her outfit was successful in any way, because it wasn’t, just that I don’t think her conception was completely hare-brained.

Although I did wonder, “Did this girl not watch season 3? Just pretend you’re Michael Knight, for goodness’ sake!”

Can’t say that I’m sorry to see Suade go, even though his garments were not nearly as bad as Kenley’s. Even if Kenley continues to be as horrible a person as she has been, I’d rather see her at Bryant Park than him. As I mentioned in last week’s thread, Kenley’s was actually my favorite collection there. I can’t imagine she’ll win, though, and I’d be surprised to see her make it past next week.

I do admit to not feeling the Jerrell love. He seems like a really nice, cool guy, but his designs don’t do anything for me.

I did finally like Korto in this ep. She was actually quite funny, which was refreshing, as usually we only see her droning on in monotone about her daughter or the dress she’s making.

Leanne’s outfit surprised me. I didn’t like it at all, particularly with that weird Wonder Woman belt.

I thought 27, for some reason. In any event, it’s been almost 20 years since the days of true rock star excess.

Forgot to mention…Kenley was very rude to LL Cool J, who seems like a very nice guy. She was so belligerent with him when he said he didn’t see the Hip Hop in her design (she said something about not wanting to make it all baggy, but in a very angry kind of way). And he felt bad…he gave her that wide-eyed, “oh nonono, I didn’t mean…” thing that people do when they are afraid they’ve offended someone.

This episode was a MESS. It would be hard for anyone to do a good country design or make that girl look hip hop. I don’t like this challenge. That said, I actually liked the two male outfits the best. I’m not sure Suede should have gone home for this challenge, but I’m more interested in what the others will do, so from a purely entertainment aspect I’m glad for the pick. I didn’t like the country outfit at all. I actually thought the hip hop outfit looked surprisingly hip hoppy for being worn by LeeAnn. I guess the pop outfit was very… poppy, but I’m not a fan of that style in general so although I guess it met the challenge well I didn’t like it all that much. The punk outfit was pretty good - definitely the pants and chains were great, although the faux rips on the shirt looked like colorforms. I actually liked the rock outfit a lot. I guess being all black they felt it didn’t pop. Could have fixed that by making some of the panels and patches another color. I thought the pants were awesome though, I’d buy them.

As for Kenley being mean to Tim… well I loves me my Tim, and don’t want to see anyone be rude to him personally, but his role as critic is kind of pointless and annoying, so I don’t mind people disparaging his role in that regard. A lot of his criticism is unhelpful and too late to make a difference. Although I like Tim the person better, I like the Tim “role” on Top Design much better. He gives advise early enoughto make a different, and actually gives helpful, concrete suggestions.

Kenley should have been sent home for the shoddy construction on the pants alone. Gaping front placket much? The fugly WTFery of the outfit was just icing on the cake.

I agree with everyone saying that Kenley should’ve been auffed. I don’t know if she really knows what hip hop is. (I’ll admit, I don’t) But her “I’m thinking Alycia Keyes” and Jerrell saying “Alicia Keyes is really more R&B”. Leanne did try to sell it, I think. But she looked like a midwestern farmgirl whose cyclone took her to a very different Oz.

Jerrell’s outfit was the real winner, IMHO. The retro-60’s gogo girl look updated to today. GoGo boots would’ve been awesome with that outfit, although maybe too ovre-the-top.

Korto’s look was good and Suede sold it, but I just didn’t think it was as original as Jerrell’s.

Leanne’s outfit was a miss, but still thematic. Korto tried, but it wasn’t her style, either.

Suede’s was a miss, but not as big a miss as Kenley. But I guess at PR, boring is worse than almost anything. Those pants were as revealing as a Speedo.


I would disagree with that - I can think of several times where his suggestions have caused people to re-do their pieces or do some smart editing that really helped them stay out of the bottom.

And he’s also helped people who were overthinking their garments calm back down and not get off track.

GET OFF MY TIM! (just kidding - I know you like him too).