Project Runway 3/11 -- Earth Wind Fire Water (go planet!) episode

I didn’t see any thread on this when I searched. What’d you guys think?

I was a little underwhelmed. Everyone felt kind of…blah.

Glad that Amy didn’t go home, was kind of hoping Milla would.

I was hoping for another Seth Aaron win. Really like his style. Though I guess his wasn’t really too…what was it? Air? Oh well.

Me too, but that hairy-chest dress was one of the most god-awful ideas they’ve ever had walk down the PR runway. I was really surprised she wasn’t aufed for that.

I don’t know what it is about Amy. Her designs are usually very good, her sandpaper dress from last week was outstanding. When she goes off the rails, however, she goes big time, her kaleidoscope capri pants from the kid challenge were a disaster and now this hair/sling/dress monstrosity.

I was sorry to see Ben go but I think he deserved it. That suit was bad, the shark teeth were terrible and his model looked like she had a package. He said, on the show, that he had never made pants before. How is that possible?

Loved Seth Aaron’s but didn’t really care for Jonathan’s design though he did do a nice job matching the fabric to his model’s skin tone.

And Nina brought extra snark to this week’s episode. Wonder if something she ate disagreed with her?

valley, that was about my assessment, too. Amy is so hit or miss.

Agree that Ben’s was terrible. Those shark teeth on the wrist? What is this, a suit for Mack the Knife? He shouldn’t have made a suit if he’d never done pants before.

I felt about the same about Jonathan’s–the skin tone was good, but didn’t LOVE the design. Maybe he won because he really represented his element?

In models it seemed Allison went home. Monique almost did but apparently straightening her hair gave her better appeal. Glad Cerri and Brandise are still here.

I don’t think Ben should have gone home. Right up until Heidi said his name, i thought he was going be final 3.

I didn’t like his outfit by any means, but it was lightyears better than the washer-whatever that Emilio made last week and he stayed.

I like Amy a lot, but I think hers was worse and it didn’t evoke an element at all.

She was damn lucky Ben made a crappy jock strap suit. But I bet she’ll be gone in the next episode or so.

There is just no way to justify his as worse than the hair dress in my view. His did actually look like a garment, after all. One T-Lo commenter said it best “built-in panty lines! An idea whose time has come!” But, I mean, you could walk down the street in that with no one stopping to consider whether they should call the police . . .

The hair dress was just so completely insane. Dumb idea, poorly executed, and the dress underneath was really no better when they pulled the hair away. Pathetic. Reminded me of the lunatic who did half his BP collection with human hair. Are these people closet cannibals or what?

I was stunned when they aufed Ben instead. I’m not a huge Ben fan, but he was robbed IMHO.

Did I mention I hated the hair dress? LOL!

Little late to the party, but I just saw it last night.

You MUST check out the new Nina screencaps over at Project Rungay.

In other words, you weren’t the only one who thought so!

Well that lunatic isn’t doing too badly for himself these days. :slight_smile:

I still do not understand the horror people felt at Chris March’s collection. I thought it was fabulous. People acted like he sewed on fresh human heads. For crying out loud, models use hair extensions how often? Answer: very. And the good extensions are… :: gasp :: made from human hair!!!

I thought the human hair was a bit creepy but you do raise a good point, zweisamkeit. Plus, this is supposed to be edgy, high fashion–not the kind of thing a normal person is going to be buying.

I’m always really happy when Chris March does well, though. I love that guy. How did he not get fan favorite that season?

I loved when Heidi and Michael were like, “Take the hair out of the dress Amy…there! That looks so much better!”

And the dress was still a mess. The look Nina gave was like, "You two are testing my patience!"

Agreed with this. Chris March is a very, very talented and the work that went into his clothes was impeccable. I think that’s why I was so surprised last week when Ben said he had never made pants before. Someone like Chris March (or Christian Siriano, Epperson and Laura Bennett) could make a perfect pair of pants blindfolded and with one arm tied behind their back. I really think they should have a sewing test before deciding who gets to appear on the show.

And if people have a problem with human hair…I remember reading an interview with Tim Gunn where he said Chris March originally wanted to use monkey hair but couldn’t because it’s against about a million laws. Human hair sounded much more appealing after reading that.

That was funny. I think Nina realized that there was absolutely nothing you could do to save that dress. Although in her defense, if I spent seven years on a show seeing designers time and time having no ability to self-edit, I might run out of patience too.

You know, I wonder if he said he’d never made pants on the show before. I already deleted it off the DVR, so can’t go back to check. It’s hard to believe that he would get cast if he lacks such basic experience.

Speaking of Epperson, how did he NOT make it to final three? He got axed fairly early on considering how insanely talented he was. I got the feeling that if you weren’t a young cute girl that year, you were shit out of luck.