Project Runway 2/18 (Designing for little kids)

I don’t think I’ve seen a thread for this ep, so here it is.

Cute episode. I enjoyed it. And I thought that overall people did quite well. I was impressed by all the three besties.

I also so called the winner and loser! Kind of obvious, though, eh? Seth Aaron’s was awesome, and I would so wear his “Mom” jacket.

Janine I knew was going home because they like vision and elaborate design more than someone whose stuff is plain or too downmarket.

Anyone see Models of the Runway? I never do because I watch at my parents’ place and I go home right after. I sometimes watch it in reruns but I get kind of bored–are they really judging the models? Is it fun and snarky when they tell the models what they did wrong or kind of blah?

When Janeane was talking about how she was quite certain she was safe, I waved cheerily at the television and yelled “Bye-bye, Boo Boo Kitty!” Honestly, I think the only reason they kept her around so long was because Heidi and Nina enjoyed watching the footage of her little meltdowns and making fun of her. Goodness knows that was the only reason the Project Rungay guys and I wanted her around.

Seth Aaron’s adult look was very cool, but from a distance his child look bore a remarkable resemblance to something you could pick up at the mall–a thought exercise in what Torrid’s children’s section would look like, maybe. It was cute, and age appropriate, but not particularly innovative or unexpected. Looking at the stills on the website, it still doesn’t look all that fab. Of course, part of it may be that between the clothes being tiny and all the black, it just didn’t photograph all that well.

I thought that as a balance of doing a great kid’s look and a great adult look and making them look like they went together, Jay did a better job. His adult look wasn’t quite as impressive as Seth’s, but I though his kid’s look was miles more fashionable and they meshed a bit better. Of course, it’s probably easier to make a look for a tweener look cohesive with an adult look than it is to do the same with a look for a kindergartener.

Amy…oy. She should get on the ground and kiss Boo Boo Kitty’s feet for being there on the week she decided to smoke a bunch of crack. The kid’s look wouldn’t have been so awful if she’d made the skirt longer, about knee length, and done away with the tights. And made the skirt well, it looked like a damn home ec project. Those pants, though. They looked like a brighter, more colorful version of those ruffled pantalets you see in movies set in the Antebellum South.

Loved the impersonations of Michael Kors. The voice wasn’t quite right, but the commentary was perfect.

Love Seth Aaron’s design. I know little girls who would look adorable in that outfit and would want to wear it.

Janeane made the fatal mistake of boring the judges. I didn’t think the look was that bad, but not all that different from what you can get at Target.

Couldn’t figure out what the judges saw in Jay Nicholas’s design. Too dark for kids.

Was Jay Nicholas the Asian guy who did that plum top? If so, I liked it but yeah, I don’t think it was as good as Seth Aaron’s. I think I liked it as an adult look more than for a kid.

But for Seth Aaron’s, you’re right. I can so see a little girl being all, “Mommy, want!” Hell, I wished I could be a little girl for a second to try to rock that look.

Merged duplicate threads.

I liked Seth Aaron’s much more after looking at the stills. And that little girl totally loved her outfit. And the jacket was amazing.

I didn’t like Amy’s, but for reasons totally different than what the judges said. The color palette looked fine to me. And I know kids (10-11ish at the time) who would have worn & loved her kid’s outfit.

Mila’s color blocking wasn’t good. And Emilio’s looked like a flower girl/bridesmaid dress set.

Oh, and I also hated the askew pattern on the gray children’s dress. While I kind of get what he was trying to do, it didn’t look like fashion. It looked like the child had had an “No! NO! NO MOMMY! I can dress myself!!!” meltdown and instead of fighting it, mom had gone out with the buttons on wrong.

I kept wanting her to straighten that thing.

Emilio’s was the worst by far. That little girl was swimming in that pink eyelt dress. It was far too big for her, and the mother’s dress was just, ugggh! Fugly. I was shocked he wasn’t in the bottom three. They looked like something right out of 1965.

I mean, really. Pink eyelet and ribbons? Outdated, cliche, no imagination. I thought Emilio’s was worse than Jeanine’s.

I agree that gray crooked thing looked like the kid had it on wrong.

I thought the plum emsembles with the ruching should have won. Sorry I can’t remember the names of these two designers.

I didn’t like the askew gray dress either. I thought it was just me–like, “Oh, I don’t get it, it’s too fashion for me.” I kind of like it when you guys affirm I’m not totally insane/lobrau.

Those little girls were seriously cute. I was a bit worried about how the “judging” on the runway would be on them, but the “bottom” 3 girls were a bit older.

Seth Aaron’s little girl was trying to hide behind her model and not succeeding. I felt bad for the little kid, but she loved her purse!

Yeah, i thought the color palette was OK.

And what the fuck was with the guest judge? “I really don’t think blue and orange are complementary.” Has this woman ever looked at a color wheel? Blue and orange are precisely complementary; they are one of the color pairs that define the term.

I agree with you. I said to my wife before the result, “I would vote for the plum ones, but i’ll bet the judges vote for Seth-Aaron.”

Too bad the judges didn’t talk about Jesse’s use of the exact same belt that was used on a top three look last week.

I love Seth Aaron to pieces, and I loved his looks, but one thing bugged me: the chunky zipper detail all the way around the hood. I know younger me would ended up with zipper scratches on my face.

I so want the grown-up look from Seth Aaron- at least the jacket. The pants wouldn’t look so good for me.

On Models of the Runway, one of the little girl models was wearing a shirt that was nearly the purple mirror image version of Janeane’s orange romper. Not only was Janeane designing for what she wanted years ago, she had no originality there.

I still don’t understand what everyone saw in the plum look. The adult model looks lumpy, and the pockets on the girl’s look aren’t deep enough to be useful for warmth or storage. Maybe I was just too practical as a little girl?

I really loved Seth Aaron’s outfits this week. It seemed obvious to me that he was the only one who really understood what a little girl wants to wear. I agree with the person upthread who said Emilio’s looks were the worst. They looked like mommy & me Easter Sunday dresses gone wrong. I also didn’t get the bashing of blue and orange. I thought the color palette was actually the best thing about Amy’s outfit.

Amy’s girl outfit looked like a Target ad. Her adult outfit was terrible, but it was *imaginatively *terrible, which is often a saving grace on PR (and should be).

I like the plum, but I can picture any kid I know wanting and wearing Seth Aaron’s outfit, so his win made sense to me, especially given the overwhelming fabulosity of the adult jacket.

Emilio should have died of embarrassment right there on the runway. I can’t believe he wasn’t in the bottom three.

As the mother of a seven year old I really liked this challenge. My daughter always wants me to have something on that connects to what she’s wearing when we go out together.

Seth Aaron’s outfit was by far the best outfit on the runway. I don’t think anyone else was even close. The adult top was fabulously graphic and the little girl’s outfit was adorable. He completely got the challenge.

Well to be fair, it seems more of a spring/autumn look so I don’t know if warmth is a factor. Plus if she needs to carry anything, she’ll probably pick up a watermelon purse. (BTW–WANT! I know, I’m an adult…but…want!)

Everyone on the internet is saying that orange and blue are complementary. But I would never wear them together…just me? Though to be fair, I hate orange. It’s the one color I don’t own.

I love wearing orange and blue together- it’s almost the only way I’ll wear orange, and I was influenced by the cute redheaded boy who did that a lot back when we were in elementary school. But they complementary because orange is red+yellow, and blue is blue, not because of what I like to wear.

Sorry to double post, but I was reminded over at Project Rungay of my favorite moment of the episode: “Different is nice, but it sure isn’t pretty.”

I get the color wheel thing. Sort of. Does that mean that any primary color goes with any secondary color?

Nope! A complementary color pair is one primary, and the secondary made out of the two primaries left over:

Red and Green
Blue and Orange
Yellow and Purple