Project Runway 12/14/05

Is anyone else watching this show? So far I think the second season’s shaping up to be just as good as the first.

They definitely picked the right winner and loser last night.

Agreed totally with last night’s winner. It was a great outfit and perfectly fit the challenge. Either of the two standing on the stage at the end, though, could justifiably sent home. However, I think I would have sent Andrae packing. After last week’s mental breakdown and this week’s … whatever it was he made … I don’t think he has the chops to survive the business. His design was awful. It reminded me of the bunny rabbit doll my grandmother made for storing plastic grocery bags, kind of like these things.

Santino is annoying as all hell, despite being very good. First, he comments that he didn’t win last week’s reuse challenge because they didn’t want to give him two in a row. Then he mutters “unbelieveable” while leaving the runway not winning again last night. His ego will be his downfall.

Poor Daniel F. He just doesn’t get the competition aspect of timing. He makes great clothes; but time constraints are killing him.

Nick has become my favorite and who I’m supporting. Though I’m not yet predicting a winner. There seems to be more parity this year. Last year Jay and Kara Saun were heads and shoulders above the rest. This year it seems there are several that may be good enough to win including: Santino, Nick, Chloe and Emmett. Guadalupe or Diana could even pull off an upset if they can get their groove going. They both show sparks of talent and technical proficiency that could be a winning combination.

It looks like a very good season, all of the contestants are quirky and interesting.

My take so far…

Daniel: I’m glad he got a fair shake, as he is quite good when given the chance. His fastidiousness may create an interesting downfall however.

Santiago: What a megalomaniacal bastard. Overconfident, and revels in cutting down and belittling others. I wait for his failures with unabashed glee.

Magneto-girl: Her geeky personality and desire to integrate science and technology into the designs is very entertaining. Mad-scientist fashion is an underapprieciated niche I feel :wink:

Do you read Tim’s Take on the website? He’s hilarious and insightful.

Clarence Darrow couldn’t defend that godet!

Tim’s Take

Tim is easily one of the best people any reality show has ever been graced with. He’s competent, intelligent, well spoken and a wonderful writer. I loved the way he delivered a polite smack down to Andre about the crying jag from last week. Andre deserved it. When Tim talks a contestant ignores him at his or her peril.

I so hope Andre leaves soon. His bubble skirt dress was a joke. The model looked like something from Cirque D’soleil. I actually agree with him about the wig but the way he defended his design was classless and way too defensive.

I’m so glad Nick won. That green dress he designed this week was adorable. The cinnamin colored number from the first challenge was also great.

I just love this show because it’s so clearly about a contestant’s talent. Either you have it or you’re out. Raymundo seems like a great guy but his dress was a joke. I picked it to lose the minute I saw it.

I’m also loving Magneto-girl. The way she used the fabric with the holes was terrific.

Santiago is a whiny toddler in need of a time out. I can see the merit in his design this time but I hated his little Muslin baby-doll number. I hope he joins Andre in the out box.

Even though Andrae and I aren’t friends, it is weird to hear people talk about someone you know.

I love Diane. She’s like the sweet nerd from highschool with talent that accidentally stumbled on to a reality show. She wore her PROM DRESS to a party. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is.

If you love Diane, you can check out her portfolio. Interesting stuff.

Comments about and a few samples from the other contestants have been complied at Uffish.