Project Runway Finale [OPEN SPOILERS]

That was about as disappointing a finale as I’ve ever seen on this show. Irina would not have won in nearly any other year. A boring ending to a boring season.

Agreed. Plus, of course they give us all false drama, praising Carol Hannah and Althea while dissing Irina.

Blech. I wish I’d not wasted my time.

I haven’t watched it yet but thanks for the heads up.
Irina is far from exciting high end fashion or cutting edge.
Irina = average women’s clothing
Maybe she’ll get her own line at JCPenney’s. zzzz…

I’ve altered the thread title and added some lines to avoid mouse-over spoilers, for those (like me) who haven’t seen it yet.

The shows go by too fast, and zip down the runway go the models. I can’t even remember half of Irina’s collection, a black blur mostly. Irina’s hit the mark for having a theme amongst all her pieces, along with the helmets and bags it appealed to the judges. Though I bet those hats will not show up anywhere on any hat rack in any city.

Season 7 premieres in January already?

Sorry about that. I assumed since it already aired it was okay to write about it openly.

FYI, the final show is boring as hell. Irina’s collection is all black. Althea’s collection is utterly unmemorable and Carol Hannah does a series of cute dresses and that’s about it.

Here’s a close up of the final collections:

I agree; it was a boring end to a boring season. Hopefully they can get the mojo back next season in New York. I think we need to get rid of Nina and Heidi. Hell, just have Tim up there with a guest judge.

I hatehatehated those stupid half-helmet things of Irina. They looked like sleep masks that the models had pushed up on their foreheads. Stupid and pointless.

Does anyone know how they did the designer intros to the collections? According to Tim, they didn’t introduce the collections at Fashion Week (to preserve the surprise) and there was no indication during the actual fashion show which collection was which. So how did they film what appeared on TV yesterday? Green screen? It appeared that the designers walked hand in hand with the final model, but that supposedly didn’t actually happen either.

I was really hoping that anyone but Irina would win. Her collection looked ridiculous and she comes across as a total bitch to boot (it’s TV, so that could be editing, but that’s my impression). None of the collections were great, but hers was hideous. I mean, what woman doesn’t want to look like a 16th century French pikeman patrolling the battlements? :rolleyes:

I read part of an interview with Tim this morning that said that they filmed the intros BEFORE the runway show, and then edited so it looked like the designers were talking to the audience, but there actually was no audience there. This explains the awkwardness of the intros…

I found myself wishing for Epperson. I’d truly love to see what he would have brought to the runway.

I’m sick and exhausted so I watched the first half and then skipped to the end for the collections. Was Tim’s supposed “Freak-out” (highly advertised here) just him fussing that they were late getting to the runway or did I fast forward through something more dramatic? 'Cause it was nothing like what the pre-views were leading me to expect. . .

Wearing one of those with the evening dress (which I liked) was just offensive.

I was pulling for Carol Hannah since she was the nicest but I’m just happy Althea didn’t win.

Tim was just upset because they were late for the runway. There was nothing more dramatic than that.

I’m so glad this season is over! Oh my god! It was so boring, and I hated Irina’s collection. I think Carol Hannah’s first dress was miles better than anything Irina produced.

I only catch the shows sporadically, but it seemed that this season’s theme was that Irina was a complete bitch, but also clearly the strongest designer.

The helmet hats were silly and everything was black, but Irina’s collection had 5 or 6 interesting, wearable ensembles. The other two collections had less than four apiece.

Earlier in the season I was unhappy to see the blond male designer get the boot, he was usually better than the other guy and about equally bad on that particular week.

A question to dedicated followers: was there any substance to the Althea is copying Irina subplot?

Also, it’s apparent that Irina really doesn’t understand intellectual property, copyright, or, well, ethics. Irinia Rips Off NY Mag and their reasons to love New York.

Wait, they’re moving back to NYC next year? (Soooooo out of the loop, am I.)

I was bummed to see Irina win. I confess, it’s because I hate the snooty little bitch. But, furthermore, I couldn’t see her clothes well enough on my TV screen (which is pretty good quality, btw) to tell what she even had in her collection. All I saw was a bunch of black shadows prancing down the runway with funny equestrian hats. How boooooring.

I was kind of annoyed with Carol Hannah’s, uh, “collection” – as much as I generally love her. How many seasons of Project Runway do you need to watch to realize that the judges want your collection to… (get this!)… look like a friggin’ collection?! Continuity please! Not just some random stuff, as interesting and beautifully made as each piece might be. sigh A few things in teal does not a collection make.

By the way… what the heck was up with that guest judge’s hair? OMG. At first I thought she forgot to take the curler out or something.

Chela hit it on the head when she said, “The shows go by too fast, and zip down the runway go the models.”

Why, why, why do the producers go for a bare glimpse of each runaway look only to then drag out (with that melodramatic music) the overplayed gestapo-esque final moments before Heidi announces the losers/winner?

Hey! The drama’s in the creation of fashion and the fashion creations.

This flaw in the show was especially apparent with Irina’s “black blur” of a runway moment.
(I think) I liked Irina’s little black dresses, can’t be for sure though. [oh, now I see them via LavenderBlue’s link] Well, I like a couple of her jackets; I’d buy her t-shirt (the black birds over water) unless it’s a knock-off.
Black clothing just hides detail in video and photographs (as Nina noted wrt shooting Marie Claire’s photo spreads.)

Oh, I loved the guest judge British born, French residing Suzy Menkes!
At last a fearless fashionista with unparallelled insight (her hairstyle’s unique, along with the rest of her!)
Menkes could open up the world of fashion for Project Runway.

The worst part was, “the lovely and talented Nina Garcia, and…Suzy Menkes.” :smack:

Also, Althea basically sent out another version of her loose strapless top/tailored skirt that they hated from the museum and this time they loved it?? It did look better-made this time but the silhouette was the same.

I’ve been watching sporadically this season. Yes, boring. I’m hoping the move back to NYC for next season will add the pizazz back in.

And I don’t understand the need for the Models of Project Runway show. Seriously. The point of PR is the fashions. Then the designers. It’s not that I hate the models or something…it’s just that I’m not interested enough in them to watch them audition for print ads and tv commercials. Waste of an hour…