Project Runway Season 9!

Who is ready for more, more of T.G. The Body, The Duchess and The Nina

Casting call is on!

You know, they changed production companies and gave us that waste of an LA season. Not only did they fail to cast it with interesting folk, but they utterly failed to take advantage of LA as a filming location (yeah, yeah, lawsuit, whatever).

And then they brought us back to NY, with a slightly better cast, but some of the luster was gone. And then Season 8. Gretchen for the win? I make 1970s inspired southwestern clothes in my basement and everyone’s out to get me because I’m better than cheese Gretchen?

Nope, done. It’s no longer a fashion show; it’s a ready to wear show, and I’ve got better things to do with my time.

I’m going to watch it just to see if there are any interesting personalities, to see what challenges and fashions they come up with, but mostly to see if anyone cracks under the pressure.

After last season and Gretchen I’m done.

I voted yes, but only because it’s fun to watch, not because it has anything to do with fashion.

I’ve wanted nothing to do with the upcoming royal wedding fashions…but did anyone see? they got all the PR designers to produce a sketch of Kate’s dress. Check it out, their personalities really come through, wait a minute I didn’t see one from Gretchen…

I voted yes also because it probably will be a train wreck, but you’ve got to watch it derail.