Project Runway 8/12

Anybody else watching? Thoughts? Opinions?
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I really, really wish that the guy with the English comprehension problem would get sent home already. Jeez. If you don’t understand directions, speak up and ask for them to be repeated. If you understand the words but just don’t get the concept (“the judges don’t like tablecloths”), you’re just not very bright. It’s a simple concept.

Glad Peach made it through but I don’t think she’ll go all the way.

The worst one was for sure the palm tree one. Besides it being ugly, she was not too bright to take “suggestions” from one of her competitors, and to value those opinions over Tim Gunn’s. I mean, really, Tim says he likes her color palette. Miss Busybody, or is it Miss Eavesdropper, comes over and says there’s too many colors, so you make them all blue? How dense can you be?

Yeah, Gretchen is coming off as an egomaniac now–which is a shame because I liked her in the first two episodes. I thought she should have won over Andy, but they probably didn’t want to give her three wins in a row. Actually, I wish Valerie had won with the black and white napkin dress. Her model looked hawt.

The critique of the pink birthday dress was awkward:
Judge: “It’s a hot mess”
Designer: “Thank you”
Heidi: “That wasn’t a compliment”
awkward silence

I agree that it looked like Gretchen’s advice may have torpedoed Sarah, though I don’t think that was the intent. It was just bad advice.

Gretchen seems to have a pretty big head, but it also may just be the way they are editing everything. It seems like they are editing it to make me not like her.

I liked Andy’s dress better than hers this week. I thought Gretchen’s outfit was good, I liked the use of the bag to make it look like leather, but I thought the shirt she had on under the jacket did not fit well and I was surprised she was not called out on that. Valerie’s dress was very good as well.

Sarah just dropped the ball on the challenge. It was like she was backed into a corner and didn’t want to or even attempt to come out.

The Tim Gunn sequence on “woolly balls” had me floored. So glad they decided to include it, it was priceless.

Good god, yes she did–especially when she was still fitting and had the lovely black bra with the skirt. Wow.

I like Valerie a lot, and she may be one of the few who end up continuing to put up with Gretchen. The editing where they contrasted her delusional testimonial with how everyone actually thought of her was priceless. Sorry to see Sarah go, she seemed nice enough, and I really can’t stand Casanova so am sorry he got to stay over her.

I think generally the 90 minutes means more Tim and his feedback rounds, so that’s always a good thing.

I liked Valerie’s dress the best too, I think she should have won. I think it will be Valerie, Gretchen and Andy in the top 3, with Mondo in there too. I find that I like Christopher’s designs but he’s always in the middle, I hope he starts “wowing” the judges soon.
I think AJ should have gone home, I thought his was really baaaaahhhhaaadddd. I didn’t like Cassanovas either. The judges were discussing how clueless he was about how bad his design was and at least Sarah knew hers was a snoozefest. I think they’ll keep Cassanova around as long as they can for entertainment value.

I get the impression that Casanova understands what he wants to understand. I will miss Sarah. She seemed pleasantly normal, but of course that’s not what this show goes for.

I thought Gretchen’s jacket was nice, but the blouse was weird and the skirt was tacky. I’m surprised she was top 3 over some of the others.

I’m disappointed in Gretchen’s growing ego too. I thought maybe if she was in the bottom three it might give her a dose of reality, but being in the top three again is only going to fuel her ego.

I think that Casanova should have gone home but I believe that he’s still there because the producers think he makes good TV. I think if he was judged on design talent alone he’d be gone by now.

I also didn’t know that Casanova was a real name. I thought that it was just what you called someone who is popular with the ladies.

IIRC, Casanova is his last name, but he goes by it.

As always, Project Rungay’s analyses are hysterical:

I too had no problem with Gretchen the first two episodes, but she made me stabby last night. I loved the “Will you let me talk?” “You never stop talking,” towards the end.

I liked the napkin dress too, but I like the dress that won. As long as it wasn’t Gretchen.

And you know, I don’t know how she made the top 3. I found so many other of the pieces to be far superior.

I can’t stand the sight of Casanova. Por favor, put him out of his misery.

I find it amusing that the “OH NOES!” lights-and-siren ambulance scene at the end with Ivy has yet to be mentioned in this thread, despite being a cliffhanger. I think that’s because we’re on to this game. Ivy, I assume, was exhausted from working all those hours and forgot to eat and/or drink and/or sleep enough, and fainted as a result. Nothing particularly cliffhangerish. Now, watch it be that she has Something Serious.

Gretchen definitely was getting a swollen head, though I’m sure editing made it look larger than it truly was. It was annoying seeing her take it upon herself to help others and offer her “sage” wisdom. BTW, I predict next week she’ll be bitching that Andy only won because Peach and whats-her-name came and helped him finish at the last minute, whereas she finished her design in time all by herself. A serving of “that’s not fair” and “I really am the one who won” bittercakes has probably been ordered.

Casanova amused me with “I can’t make a dress out of bullshit.” Um…have you SEEN this show? I’ve seen dresses made out of candy (and candy wrappers), hardware store items, newspapers…it’s not like this isn’t in keeping. His outfit was ridiculous, but Sarah’s was a boring snooze, and I think that in the world of PR it’s a greater sin to be boring than ridiculous.

Look, it’s clear that shows like this are edited to highlight the drama, but i don’t think that we can automatically blame the editing when someone comes off looking like an ass.

The fact is that some of the stuff that Gretchen said made her look like an egomaniac, and the editing had nothing to do with that. Even if the clips were edited and taken somewhat out of context, with some of her comments there was no other possible interpretation except egomania.

Like other people here, i liked her in the first couple of episodes. By half-way through this show, though, i was yelling at her to shut the fuck up. And her bullshit in the room after the judging was extremely annoying.

I also though Casanova should have gone home this week. Sarah’s dress was pretty bad, but his was just as bad, and he’s been consistently awful. Also, i was really liking Sarah. She has a sort of down-to-earth, self-deprecating attitude, and she was also generous and complimentary about other designers. But, like Tom Tildrum said, being pleasantly normal isn’t necessarily a plus on this show.

Well, I hated Casanova’s dress, but at least it looked like he worked on it. Scarlet Johansson’s looked worse than student work. I have no fashion sense whatsoever, but I could’ve done better than that. AJ was a joke. Christopher’s dress was pretty, but it didn’t look like a lot of work went into it, unless I’m missing something. Michael Drummond’s skirt looked like a lampshade (and that’s not a compliment) and the top was shapeless. Ivy’s dress was the wrong length and looked matronly. When these models look fat, you know something’s wrong. Michael Costello’s dress was great for a quincenera. Actually, it was pretty cool, but I still didn’t like it. I think Peach’s design would’ve been better if she’d done it for last week’s Marie Claire challenge. I like Peach’s clothes, for the most part, but I don’t think she’s the “aesthetic” that PR is looking for. Mondo’s outfit didn’t do anything for me. Kristen’s dress was elfin party-girl. I liked April’s dress, although not much has been said about it. I thought of evil ice-queen.

As for the top three, I loved Valerie’s dress (although I didn’t like the ultra-deep plunge in the front). I think the model could’ve used something to give her a little lift in the boobs. I thought it was so clean and had movement. I think Micheal Kors doesn’t understand geometry, if he thinks she went 360 degrees.

Andy’s dress was great. It just looked finished. And his model really worked it.

Gretchen was okay, but I didn’t like the shirt (what did she use to make it?) and the skirt was predictable. But it did have style. I sort of think she’s getting the villain edit right now. I don’t really know how much is her real personality. The whole “Leave our stations clean” thing was very strange.


Am I the only one who thinks Valerie looks like a young Tracy Ullman? I liked her napkin dress, and love that she is calling herself the Susan Lucci.

Tracey Ullmann! You’re right!

AJ is really annoying. Gretchen may be getting a bad edit, but the egomania seems to be quite real. It would be fun to see them get into a hardcore smack-down, while the rest of them join forces in a utopian collective and pitch in to make sure each others’ garments are finished in time.

Except Casanova, who will accept any help given him but when it comes time for him to give will say “Que? No comprende. Whas iss dis ‘ootopian collective’ you say? My gown is COUTURE!”

Slight hijack, in the last season, or maybe it was the season before that, who was the rocker chick with the pink hair? For some reason when I hear the name Peach it makes me think of the other designer, but looking through names of previous seasons none of them seem to be what I’m looking for.

Anybody know what happened to Tim’s face? He had red marks all over his face.

I’m surprised that as many seasons as this show has been on, that so many of the designers seem to be completely caught off guard by the challenges that require weird materials. Are they forbidden to do prior research or something?

You’d think they’d have some “just in case” portfolios full of designs that could be pulled off with really weird materials.

What I keep wondering is how the judges would do in these challenges. It’s easy to sit back and criticize someone who only had a few hours and non-standard material, but I wonder what garments made by Michael and Nina would come out like.

God, what was it Gretchen said? That people understood why she was going to win, even before they knew she was going to win? That is…quite a statement.

Heee. Yes, she’s not my fave either. And I am another vote for “I don’t get why she was in the top three” last time.